- does not care about it's customers

Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 2:54pm CST by 5250914a





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I'm completely dissatisfied with Your site has failed me and my fiance in a multitude of ways. I made this hotel reservation on the site, I received a Confirmation email saying the hotel was booked and confirmed, the hotel was reserved. Upon arriving at the hotel, the hotel manager said it was not affiliated with and that they would not allow me to rent a room. Being a regular customer of, and in the past an advocate for the site, telling my family and friends to use them exclusively before kayak, expedia, or orbitz, I naively figured this would be worked out with a quick call to customer service. This was not the case. I still can't believe the awful service we received. First we were told that the hotel was no longer in business with even though I had booked the reservation just a few days prior. Then after calling and waiting for almost an hour on the phone I was told that would not help us even find a new hotel booking even though we had a reservation booked. By this point we had driven for many hours and were now in the dark and cold without a place to stay and had to go find and beg another hotel to rent their last room to us. The price was triple what we had budgeted to spend that evening, but we were left without any option. I'm assuming here that has a different definition of what a reservation is other than that which is in a standard dictionary because otherwise I can not understand this type of treatment. And then, after all of this, we were offered a $70 coupon on our next reservation as some type of consolation? This is akin to offering a lifelong smoker condemned to die of lung cancer a consolation pack of cigarettes. Ridiculous. The incredible frustration we had to deal with has convinced me that does no investigation into the types of establishments it promotes on its websites, nor is it concerned with its customers safety and well-being. It would seem that the philosophy of this corporation is to benefit from online third-party bookings with no remorse if the reservation is not upheld.


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