Posted on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 at 10:29pm CST by a006b701

Company: Chase

Location: US

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I want to join any lawsuit against Chase because they flat out lied to me and stole my money. I went through a HAFA short sale where Chase was the second. I met all the qualifications - primary residence, worth nowhere near the max, financial hardship. It went on the market June 1st and they received a FULL PRICE offer on August 6th. Four months pass and they continue to say "We're working on it" and ask for the same papers to faxed three, four, five times. The first was doing the same so thought nothing of it. They were all understaffed and overwhelmed with HAFA and HAMP being very new. The buyers even upped the offer $5000 in mid-November just trying to get the deal done. December 1st I receive a call from LCS Financial - a collection agency that Chase had sold my account to. Oh, and the don't participate in HAFA so I'm still on the hook for the deficiency. I called Chase to find out what was going on. Their answer - "We no longer own this account. We can't even access it. You have to talk to them". This LCS took the $2500 Chase would have gotten from the HAFA short sale, PLUS my $3000 I was to get for moving expenses PLUS I had to bring $1000 to the table at closing. That was just to release the lein. I still owed them $36,000. I then had to either negotiate a settlement with this LCS that had to be paid in one lump sum pretty much right then or face years of paying off the entire deficiency. Nothing like negotiating with a gun to your head. That's when I found out that Chase had lied. They did still own the account!!!! Any settlement offer I made to LCS, had to be approved by Chase!!!! I got them to settle for $10,000 but they have basically stolen my money through deception and fraud!!! Instead of $2500 that Chase would have gotten had they completed the HAFA short sale, they got over $16,000!!!! They stole $14,000 of my money and I want it back!!!!!!

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Daniel J., 2013-08-16, 05:27PM CDT

I know what your talking about

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