Brookstone - Brookstone no longer stand behind its products

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at 1:45am CST by 90639a7b

Product: Smart Set Clock

Company: Brookstone

Location: Santa Monica, CA, 90404, US


Category: Other

I bought a "Smart Set" clock from Brookstone. The advert said that you would never need to adjust it for daylight savings time! Wow! Great idea! I bought it!

Then the gummit changed the law re when DST goes in and out of effect, and the clock, instead of needing to be adjusted never, now needs to be adjusted not TWO, but FOUR TIMES PER YEAR: Once when it automatically changes at the wrong time, then again when it needs to change but doesn't, then again at the next DST date. So FOUR TIMES PER YEAR instead of twice, the exact opposite of what the product promised!

I tried to return it and they said, "No, it's been out of warranty for over a year." I said, "But this is not a warranty issue, it's an issue of a faulty design and the product is obsolete after just 2 years!"

They said they "couldn't do anything about it". We all know that "can't" means "won't" and this is the disease of most modern companies. They are short sighted. Rather than say "Yeah, you know, you have a point. I'll give you $15 towards a new clock." Then I'd go in there, no doubt find something else to buy as well and instead of LOSING A CUSTOMER AS THEY HAVE DONE, they would be gaining a loyal customer for life!

But when a company does not stand behind its FAULTY and now WORTHLESS product, they are basically saying, "We don't care." And it is clear Brookstone no longer cares about selling good quality products, nor about keeping its customers.

Guess what, Brookstone? *YOU* LOSE!

I'm writing this all over the net, and am telling all my friends about how you don't stand behind your products. You must be Republicans! SHORT SIGHTEDNESS is the disease of our modern corporate world. I remember when at Brookstone, "the customer was always right" and they'd go out of their way to a) sell QUALITY products; and b) KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS COMING BACK by promising to back up their products with liberal and sensible return policies.

Too bad. Another corporation gone the way of so many others: short sighted thinking, forgetting that return customers are their life blood. See ya later, Brookstone. Gee, I hope you don't go out of business!


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