Amantel - Amantel Real Time card stole my money

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at 12:10pm CST by 42cda15e


Company: Amantel

Location: US

Category: Other

I bought an international calling card called "Real Time" from Amantel boasts that you can call for 7.9 per cents to Sri Lanka. It provides a local access number. 4073626903. Card details says if the local access number is not used additonal charges are applied. So I bought it because there is a local access number is available for the card and I do not have long distance service.

When I dialed the number the automated message says you do not have enough credit and hung up. It does not allow me to enter any pin number. When I tried the customer service number, (which is again a long distance number costing me more money) sent with the pin number the person in the other end told me 4073626903 is no longer in use an he gave me another number which is not in local area. This person's way of speak is very rude an he does not understand English well. I told him that I have no long distance phone so I need a working local access number or my money back. He says he can refund money after reducing 15% for the cancellation fee. This is very unfair an cheating. If I live in a third world country this will be quite normal with this type of people. But I live in Unites States of America where everybody can expect fairness.I will never use Amantel phone cards again and I should warn everyone who use them.


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