Geico - Geico caused me to lose my license.

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 5:16pm CST by 4f343b70

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In December of 2010, I sold the car I had been driving, a Dodge Spirit and purchased a new vehicle which was a Honda Accord. I called Geico and informed them that I had purchased a new car, and had sold my old car.

In March of 2011, DMV sent me a letter stating that my license had been suspended because I had been driving my new car, the Honda Accord without car insurance. I tried to correct things with DMV, but they insisted my Honda was not currently insured. I called Geico in April to inform them of what DMV had been telling me.

That is when Geico informed me that they had not been insuring my new car, and instead had been billing me for insurance on the Dodge Spirt which I had not owned in almost 5 months. They had been charging my bank account directly every month and I assumed the deductions made from my account were for the new car.

The supervisor I talked to on Nov. 11, 2001, Regina Lewis at Va Beach Geico branch told me that it was my fault the issue hadn't been resolved because I had assumed the payments that had been deducted out my bank account were for the new car.

Geico refused to back cover my Honda but assured me that things should fine with DMV when I called in March and the agent gave me a code to show to DMV.

Things were not okay at DMV, and DMV informed me that it was up to Geico to take responsibly for the mistake before they could allow my license to be reinstated.

The Geico representatives I have talked to swear up and down that I did not contact them in December to let them know about my change in car ownership, even though my mother was there with me when I made the call, and can confirm the conversation I had with the Geico representative about getting my policy changed.

On the fourth of this month, November 2011, Geico terminated my policy on the grounds that I did not have a license.

I had to sell my vehicle which was in perfect running condition that I had been unable to drive because of my license status. I had been insuring the car because it was parked on the street, and legally you have to have a car parked on a public street in Virginia insured. I had been hoping I could continue to drive it after I was able to resolve the issue with my license.

Because Geico refuses to admit a clerical mistake on their behalf I have lost my license, been issued an SR22, have been charged a 500 dollar fine by DMV for not having insurance, and have had my insurance rate score and driving record irreparably damaged.

The worst part is without the ability to drive and rectify the issues with my license caused by Geico, I have lost the ability to provide for my family the way they need and deserve.

Just because Geico refuses to acknowledge they made a mistake.

I will never recommend anyone I know to use Geico. The ad agency that is responsible for the amazing ads Geico uses is located in Richmond, Virginia where I live. I used Geico because I felt proud that people from my community, some of them even my personal friends, had helped construct Geico's positive image. Now I know why they need a positive image constructed. Because they have no positive image in the mind's of many of their customers.

Their lack of customer service has not just caused me an inconvenience, it has damaged my life and ability to support my family.


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