Coldwell Banker Realestate Office - Costly Use of Coldwell Banker and their Agent

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 5:47pm CST by fbdb84b8

Company: Coldwell Banker Realestate Office

Location: 9350 S 150 E Ste 550 Sandy, UT 84070
Sandy, Ut, 84070, US


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This complaint I am listong is over the purchase of a home we made in Payson, Utah. The agent for the sellar was Casey Williams (Elite Realty, purchased by Prudential Realty, Orem Utah office); our agent was Robert A. Larsen (Coldwell Bankers, Sandy Utah Office).

Over the last 51/2 years, my wife and I have experienced severe financial hardship and impact directly related to the documentation, representation of information and contract written by the agents, who represented Coldwell Banker and Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate

in our purchase of the residence listed above.

Our claims are as follows:

?????????????????????????????? Their Agent Casey Williams miss-represented the items listed below not only in advertizing the listing, and in physical walk through where they presented the property and items on the property.

?????????????????????????????? Both Agents stated to us, and included in the Bill of Sale, property which was not owned by the Seller, and represented to us that it was included as part of the contract. This was either done fraudulently to close the sale or was done as poor business and contract knowledge. Mr. Larsen taught the new agent courses for Coldwell Banker for several years and is supposed to know what a legal contract is.

?????????????????????????????? The Coldwell Banker Agent provided us inaccurate, costly and miss-leading information on what the "Without Warrantee" clause meant in the Bill of Sale

?????????????????????????????? The Agents have failed to perform the agreement they made with us in paying for 1/2 half the cost of developing a well up to 13500.00. I have asked Mr. Larsen for money several times and to date I have received nothing! I had to have a Well dug on my property When we found out the property did not have Culinary water on it. TO date I have spent in Excess of $24000 and as of yet my expenses are not yet complete.

I have spent several years trying to defend the positions created on this contract. I have documentation on all I have listed above. With Attorney fees, the cost of the Well permit A51-6565 I had to pruchase (It was listed in the Ccontract as included by the agents, but the Water Right was not owned by the sellar) and Irrigation System for the fields, Fruit Trees and others, I am into over $56000.00. Be careful when dealing with these businesses. When I started having trouble I asked the Mr Larsen how Coldwell Bankers would help me, I was told the only responsiblity Coldwell Bankers had was to connect the Sellars with the Buyers. Coldwell Bankers and Mr Larsen recieved a Commission of over $20,000, as the fee. They walked away and I have had to try and clean up the mess they created for me over the last 5 1/2 years. I would not deal with Casey Williams Prudentail Elite Realty Of Orem, Utah, or Caldwell Bankers and Robert Larsen in any transactions! Never Trust a Real estate agent, they are not your friend, they are only in it for your money!


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