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Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 9:32pm CDT by 12992442

Product: domain host and registration

Company: aka Melbourne IT Ltd.

Location: Level 2, 120 King Street
Melbourne, Vi, 3000, AU


Category: Other

I wanted a host and to register a domain. The site looked really professional. I requested private registration. When I checked the internic whois, had posted my name, address, and phone. THEY DID NOT PROVIDE PRIVATE REGISTRATION. They also, wrote in whois a fake email address under my name which they have access to and not me. Yes, it says they are using Melbourne IT Ltd to register, but they made a mistake and did not do PRIVATE REGISTRATION, POSTING ALL MY PERSONAL INFO ON INTERNIC WHOIS FOR THE SCAMMERS & telemarketers to view. Senthil Thavamani put his name as the registrant, instead of mine, and did it using my home address. HE DOESN'T LIVE WITH ME! I DON'T KNOW HIM. HE HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT. THIS COMPANY IS OBSESSED. I emailed them complaining about it, and got a refund, but that does not resolve my complaint at all, even though I never had access to administer the website either, logged in and there was no control panel. STRANGE? But who cares, my issue is I asked them to remove my private info from the domain registry because I had requested PRIVATE REGISTRATION, and Senthil Thavamani has no right to put his name with my address and phone in the US when he's over in Australia or India whereever. It's highly irregular, especially to put an email in my name that he has access and not me. No wonder Internic had thousands of complaints coming in per day, and Yahoo too. Believe me, this company doesn't even consider this a complaint, because they wouldn't even understand that it is a complaint. They need to pick up RusetaStone and learn better translate. PRIVATE REGISTRATION DOES NOT MEAN USE SOMEONE ELSE'S address, phone and name on email all without permission. YOU BETTER HOPE FCC DOESN'T READ THIS, OR THEY WILL START HAVING GREAT GROUNDS FOR REGULATIONS, CONSIDERING. If Internic can't handle complaints, and Yahoo can't fix it even though they are listed on that domain, and I will not say the name of that domain because obviously my privates are on it without permission and I have enough privacy invasion problems with the world as it is. How do I fix it? Perhaps it will not get fixed, I hope it does, at least this, but if nothing else, at least everyone else will know, lesson learned, be careful when you want private domain registration, with YOU WILL NOT GET IT WHEN YOU PRESS THE BUTTON ON THEIR SITE REQUESTING IT. When you email them about it, you will get "we are still working on your product." The product was the non-existant control panel. By the way I have two other hosts, never had that problem, and their English is just fine no matter what country. This registrant in Australia, they need to get their act together and not stick me on that domain with their name. Remove me from it is what they need to do, as this obsession of they don't want to remove me of it is all it is, an obsession.


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