World Strides - A Tour of Customer Dis-Service

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 11:19am CDT by 1a0e8b5b

Company: World Strides

Location: 590 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 300
Charlottesville, VA, 22911, US


Category: Other

The customer service at World Strides is legendary in it's horrific execution. From the outset, this organization has been nothing but difficult. The problem is that the school selects the organization so World Strides has no impetus to help the parents. Consequently, the people paying the money are NOT the customers, and they are treated like pond scum. I called five different people to request a refund. They refused. A call to the President, Mr. Hall, results in being transferred to a recent college graduate who is both disempowered and incapable. A visit to their Facebook and social media page simply indicates that they are only interested in their image to schools - there is no indication of any interest in assisting parents or their children. This is a warning to teachers and principals. If you want happy parents - AVOID WORLD STRIDES. They put the "uck" in suck.


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