KIMs Pharmacy - KIM's Pharmacy internet scamster

Posted on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 9:29pm CDT by d8dbb84a

Company: KIMs Pharmacy

Location: 773 Siwash Court
Kelowna, BC, V1V 1N5, CA

Category: Other

I ordered from this scammer in March and still haven't received my order I had to mail a check to a Canadian address and when I looked at my bank statement this month the money has come out twice! I am currently trying to dispute this with my bank but it is much harder since it is not a credit card

He had claimed he was better than the pharmacy I had used for 6 years -Kiwi Drug... I think I just made an expensive mistake!! I wish I had not tried him. The only reason I tried him was because I was waiting on a product from kiwi that took longer than usual - but that package just showed up last week. At least they always fix any problems I have with my orders and don't steal my money!

Buyer beware... If anyone knows what I can do to get my money back from a cashed check let me know I hate to be ripped off especially when I am in pain!!

He doesn't even have a website or an actual pharmacy - no wonder his prices seemed to good to be true... ugh


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