Datasphere, Inc. - Advertising company complaint

Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at 3:43pm CDT by 984d8a3c

Product: Advertising

Company: Datasphere, Inc.

Location: 15395 S.E. 30th Place, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA, 98007, US


Category: Other

On 11/03/10 I received a call from Seth Jones, an advertising sales representative for Datsphere for an ad with our local news station First Coast News.I told him that I wanted to think about it, but he was very aggressive and said that if I didn't sign up today he would call a competitive restaurant. I reluctantly agreed to try it for 1 month. He demanded my credit card number. After the month ended he charged my account for 2 months more.I disputed it with the credit card company and they did credit 1 month, but I have not received the 2nd month credit.They sent a copy of a contract to my credit card company showing my electronic signature which I never signed nor have ever seen. They did not return my telephone call.


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984d8a3c, 2011-05-11, 11:20AM CDT

I finally spoke to the representative who was very nice, and she has given me credit for the two months.

da9da2be, 2012-07-09, 12:14PM CDT

I had the EXACT same experience. What I was told and what I was sold was completely different. The salesman completely misrepresented the service. Then after signing up, I found out it was locked in for a year with a 40% cancellation fee.


Mike W., 2012-10-29, 10:50AM CDT

DataSphere is a scam I was duped as well as the rest of you. I've never got 1 new client from using data spear. I never had 1 person even call me after seei

ng my ad on Dataspear. DataSphere simply gets no traffic it is but a roadblock in the way of progress for your business. I am 10 years in business and have used a lot of campaign methods datasphere is the only scam I ever exposed my business to. Use Craigslist or run a ad in your local paper run away from these monsters.

Sheryl, 2013-01-08, 11:48AM CST

You know what. I had that happen but spoke with a representative who was EXTREMELY professional. She credited me RIGHT AWAY!

Harry T., 2013-11-07, 06:03PM CST

I recently became the victim of an unsolicited predatory sales call from this company that was based on predatory tactics. Such predatory tactics included misleading and manipulative language, false claims, fear mongering, disingenuous flattery, unsubstantiated claims and pure chicanery. Once I saw the disparity between the contract I signed versus everything claimed by the unsolicited cold call sales person, I realized that I had been taken. It got even worse when I saw how bad things were in the account profile they initially provided for me on their web site. The success of their telephone sales calls is based on predatory, false, misleading language and pure chicanery. I just want out of the 12 month contract that was signed this week without any financial penalties or any other penalties against me, my company or my personal assets and to have no further dealings with these charlatans.

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