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Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 6:46pm CDT by 1c68a874

Company: Wedgcor Building Systems

Location: 6800 East Hampden Ave Denver, Colorado 80224
Denver, Co, 80224, US


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Breach of Contract

We entered into a contract to purchases a pre engineered steel building from Wedgcor Building Systems also operating as Goldseal Building Inc, Sunward Consolidated Group, and Rockford Steel Buildings through their project consultant in Canada, B & M Construction. Wedgcor was contracted to supply 200 ft x 400 ft pre engineered building, including engineered drawings, concrete and foundation plans, in March of 2010. We were supposed to take delivery of the building for summer construction in 2010. We provided a deposit of over $100,000.00 on the building and to date the only thing we received is preliminary drawings that were incorrect from the specifications and drawings that we provided. Wedgcor changed the columns spacing specifications to their own advantage so they could save steel, then told us they would have to charge extra for the concrete drawings that were supposed to be included in the price. Then they were going to charge extra for the front facade that was supposed to be in the original quote. They stalled and delayed this entire project and are in Breach of contract.

In September 2010 when we still have not even received the proper engineered drawings we cancelled the contract and asked for a refund of our deposit. Wedgcor responded stating that we were in Breach of Contract that they would be charging an additional 25% of the contract for lost profits, overhead and expenses. At this point we lost complete confidence of their ability to perform and honor their contract to provide us with a pre engineered building, structural plans and foundation plans for summer 2010 construction. Now after over a year since we paid Wedgcor over $100,000.00 deposit, we still have nothing from Wedgcor, no plans, no drawings, no building and no refund.

After doing further investigation we discovered that Wedgcors sales strategy closely resembles that of General Steel Company, a company that was engaging in certain unlawful deceptive trade practices, having deceived, misled and unlawfully acquired money from consumers and how they used this bait and switch sales technique, to extort money from customers. We have sent numerous letters to Wedgcor Building Systems including the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General in our attempts to get our money back. The latest response we received from Wedgcor is that they will not give us a refund. We have spent hundreds of hours in our dealings with Wedgcor Building Systems in our attempts to resolve this Breach of Contract issue amicably. We have suffered business issues and punitive damages in our dealings with Wedgcor we are looking for people who have dealt with Wedgcor or one of their group of companies to find out their experience with them, to testify in a legal action against them.


1c68a874, 2011-05-21, 05:40AM CDT

To find the complaint was not easy. I thought if I typed in Wedgcor Building Systems, my complaint would be there. I have not seen it.

1c68a874, 2011-05-25, 07:30PM CDT

Jeff I am in receipt of your email, offering some advise. What advise do you have to offer. I look forward to hearing from you

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