Tony Gordon/wife? - Tony Gordon/wife? ignored my email about clothing issue, then threatened me!

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 at 6:21pm CDT by 66c29180

Company: Tony Gordon/wife?

Location: Darwen, La, US


Category: Other

I was asking questions about this brand of clothing and this dumb seller never got back to me. I could tell they were ignoring my emails because they were posting feedback to buyers in the midst of this. A woman got back to me finally and said she had replied to my 1st email and was going to report me to eBay for harassment. She should be reported for not getting back to me. Not getting back to people should be a crime! I don't like it when someone doesn't answer me within a reasonable time.

Don't do business with this seller! They will ignore your emails and then threaten to report you for trying to get answers, by which none of what I had asked was answered.


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