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Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 at 5:53pm CDT by 0191253d

Company: ProFlowers.Com/Provide Commerce

Location: Provide Commerce 4840 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA, 92121, US

URL: http://ProFlowers.Com/

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UPDATE May 4, 2011: ProFlowers made good on the offer. Carlos was very helpful and accommodating. I've attempted to order from this company, and while Proflowers.Com's customer service department is very friendly both on the telephone and in their email responses, they don't ever really resolve the issue. Calls are not returned as promised, offers are ultimately not honored, and emails are not consistently answered. Please see my email conversations with ProFlowers.Com below and it will become apparent for to you.

Thank you for your reply to my email regarding the offer I was unable to access,

and for your willingness to honor the offer. HOWEVER, I've tried now to utilize

this offer twice today on the telephone with your reps. The first woman was very

helpful, but could not access the offer to which I was referring. She kept

apologizing, because apparently your ordering system was moving quite slowly.

She did find an offer for 20 tulips in a vase with free shipping. I said, "That

will be fine. Close enough." I wasn't going to put this poor rep through the

task of finding the "exact" offer. Unfortunately, she put me "on hold" for a

third time during my ten minutes and 25 seconds on the phone with her, and I was

promptly disconnected.

So I called back. This time I got a different operator, Michelle. Thankfully, I

had the presence of mind to give her my call back number at the beginning of our

conversation. Michelle was equally as pleasant and kind. But this time, Michelle

was unable to access the incident number specified in this email. So, she again

placed me on hold to check. She tried her best, but could not find it. Then she

tried to find the offer for 30 tulips in a clear vase with free shipping. She

couldn't find it. I explained that it was an offer that apparently expired at

midnight, the night that I was attempting to place my order. I offered to

forward your email response to Michelle, but apparently that was not an option

that your order processing system could accommodate. I read the email to

Michelle, verbatim. Michelle said that she would need to check with her

supervisor, and rather than put me on hold again, she would opt to call me back.

That was thoughtful. The call with Michelle was placed at 1:27 p.m., and lasted

15 minutes and 33 seconds. As of 5:24 today, I have yet to hear from Michelle

or anyone at ProFlowers.

I think your team is very considerate, and I can tell they are really trying to

promote your brand positively. But the processjust seems very disjointed, and no

one seemingly knows what is going on. I would think that your automated system

would be able to locate an incident number. I am constantly getting special

offer, coupon codes, and gift certificate codes from vendors with whom you

apparently partner. In fact, I have some that I would like to redeem now, and

others I would like to redeem in the future if I can establish at least one

successful order with your company. It would be fantastic if I could rely on

ProFlowers for sending out thank you gifts to my clients. I thought I'd give it

a shot, but so far, I'm still left very disappointed as I was still not able to

place my order. If you add the time it took me to search through your webpage to

find what I wanted, the time it took to write the first email when the offer

changed, the time on the phone with rep #1 and Michelle, and now the time I've

taken to write this email, i've got an hour into this project for a $20 order of

flowers. This seems a little ridiculous to me.

If you want to honor the original offer and get back to me, that would be

greatly appreciated. At this point, please have a supervisor get back to me via

my cell number, so we can expedite this process. If I do not hear back from you,

I will assume that it was not worth your time.


xxxx xxx xxxxxxCellular: xxxxxxxxxxOn May 1, 2011, at 4:53 PM, ProFlowers Customer Care wrote:

> Dear Cory,


> Thank you for contacting ProFlowers regarding the promotions. We apologize for

the inconvenience. If you want to proceed with your order, we can give you the

offer for $19.99 for 30 tulips in a free glass vase with free shipping. Please

lets us know if you still want to continue your order.


> If there is anything further that we can assist with, please do not hesitate

to contact us. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we

look forward to serving you.



> Best Regards,


> OSPS Mark Anthony L

> Customer Care

> ProFlowers

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> From: [email protected]

> Sent: May 1, 2011 12:26:52 AM

> Subject: Other


> Name: Cory xxx xxxxxx>

> Phone: 414xxxxxxx>

> Email: [email protected]


> Order: none


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> Customer Comments: I was in the process of placing an order, but midway

through my order, the offer I was trying to interested in was suddenly gone. I

imagine it changed at midnight. VERY frustrating. You had an offer for $19.99

for 30 tulips in a free glass vase with free shipping for 4/5. Since the offer

was "gone", I decided to not place an order with ProFlowers. This was not a good

experience, and I will not be back.


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