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Posted on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 at 11:41pm CDT by 271f5a14

Product: Cable, Internet, Phone

Company: Time Warner Cable

Location: 444 Perry Road
Bangor, ME, US

URL: http://www.timewarnercable.com/

Category: Other

I live in Bar Harbor, Maine and had Time Warner Cable and Internet services...it is the year 2011. Bar Harbor, ME is 1 hour and 30 minutes to Bangor, ME which is the closest drop off location for equipment...it is 2011. In the Bar Harbor area, there are 3 islands...no cable offices. On the way to Bangor, there are many cities and over a million people visit this island EVERY year...there are no offices any place but Bangor. It is 2011. So, I talk to the representative and every other word is "I'm sorry" and "It is unfortunate", and "Sorry for the inconvenience." I say, I want the service disconnected and she says, we cannot disconnect it until we get our equipment. I say, you are not letting me return my equipment. She says..."It is unfortunate." I say, I want someone to pick it up, I know a million people live here and are setting up service. She says, "It will cost you." I say: "How much?" She says: "$20.00". So I say meet me half way, she says: "It is unfortunate but we can't." I say "Of course you can't...set up the pick up." We go over the time and date I HAVE AVAILABLE...God forbid I can get any peace...she says: "That date won't work." I say: "Of course not." So we bicker back and forth about the year 2011, the inconvenience of it all and come to the conclusion that I have to stop loading a truck for a long trip in order to drive 15 minutes from where I am in Bangor to deliver the equipment and who knows how long I will have to wait in line, and then drive 15 minutes back to the truck, hitch my car and hit the road...pending I don't get lost or wreck or can't find the place!

The reason I am writing is that I asked the lady if any of this was disclosed in writing or verbally when I got the service and her reply was that we don't think about that when you are getting service. For the last time, it IS 2011 and pre-historic ways of doing business in a world that is moving this fast are obsolete! The pain and agony required to PAY for Time Warner services and then gal-avant all over Maine to return equipment, if you chose to use their services should be in bold, red capital letters at the top of the contract.

Anytime a business says SORRY more than any other word in a conversation means they are screwing you one way or another! Time Warner is the only provider in these areas other than the "Dish" company. The returning of equipment functions in a primitive way yet they charge in a modern way. $$$ It is obvious that Time Warner does not care about your money, your time, or your life when they should make using their service something that you might have considered to do again (in less primitive times). Just thought you might like to know what is not in the fine print.

(((UPDATE))) The VERY NEXT DAY after this phone conversation, a Time Warner cable guy came to the apartment next door to disconnect their service, stood in my window smoking and said: "We cannot take your boxes." I just said: "How unfortunate." USELESS! Imagine the money they are making??? I took the boxes to a shabby, desolate industrial location to drop off. I guy sat at the desk eating, wiped his mouth on his sleeve, took the boxes, stood up with his pants half off his butt and dropped them on the floor!


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