Axxess DSL - Uncapped Accounts are unusable very disappointing

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 6:21am CDT by 5222ee70

Product: justUNCAPPED 1024

Company: Axxess DSL

Location: South Africa
JHB CPT, WP, 7500, ZA


Category: Other

I purchased an uncapped account to get about 400gb off an international server of ours. Originally I used the justSURF and of course that didn't work out well, which I accepted and gladly upgraded to justUNCAPPED.

I probably managed to download 10gb and got throttled to 40kbps on this just uncapped 1024.

As you can see below, most of the green tickets weren't even answered by staff either. Being in the business world myself, providing top notch support I was rather frustrated at this too.

All in all I chose Axxess as I recommended several customers to use your services, as I use to have a cap account and it worked great. I paid more than Mweb, expecting more than they can offer, but got the opposite, yesterday I got an Mweb rep to let me test their account, and it's been going full speed for about 12 hours straight. I am moving to Mweb in the next 4 days, and don't even use this axxess account anymore, kindly refund my money and I will forgive this incident and continue recommending you for your capped accounts.

*** This account has only been used for a day! I am using Mweb now because the Axxess account is unbearable ***


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