Verizon Wireless/Cellular Center - Verizon Authorized Dealer, Marietta GA

Posted on Sunday, May 29th, 2011 at 8:39am CDT by 60ebcbef

Product: iphone Trident Cyclops case

Company: Verizon Wireless/Cellular Center

Location: 2500 Dallas Hwy SW # 505, Marietta, GA 30064-2530
Marietta, GA, 30064, US


Category: Other

Needed a good, protective case for my new phone. They immediately suggest the Trident Cyclops. Comes in pink? Great. Done. They so nicely removed the case from the packaging, cleaned the case, and my phone, and put it all together. I walked out ready to go. They trashed the original packaging right there in the store. So, when I return from a trip the next week, after discovering that the case blocks the signal to the phone to lock while you talk, and I'd inadvertently tried to facetime random business connections, and email to addresses like 438dhhhhhh**&%%%%, I removed the case while at home, and lo and behold, phone workd perfectly again. So I just return the case, right? WRONG. They will do NOTHING without the original packaging, which THEY TRASHED. Even the manager, Angela toted the party line. What kind of service is this? Sucks. Forty bucks for a case I cannot use, due to the case construction, recommended by this store, and they won't even consider a trade in without the original packageing THEY THREW AWAY. Hate these kind of people and policies.


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