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Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 9:19am CDT by 96d676e2

Product: MyHome, Vanguard

Company: X10

Location: 3824 N. 5th St. #C North
Las Vegas, NV, 89030, US

URL: http://X10.com/

Category: Other

I purchased some X10.com cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and X10.com refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days!

The two biggest problems X10.com was never able to resolve:

Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the X10.com forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.

MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. X10.com gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80.

So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and X10.com support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!


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