Barnes and Noble Bookstore Bend, Oregon - Want a Kindle Cover...Go to a Kindle Store-snort

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 5:59pm CDT by f7e04e82

Product: Inquiry for a ebook reader cover

Company: Barnes and Noble Bookstore Bend, Oregon

Location: The Forum 2690 NE Highway 20
Bend, Or, 97701, US


Category: Other

My wife and I asked a clerk if they had covers for a Kindle Ebook, knowing that B&N had a similar product. The clerk very politely replied, "No, they are different." To which we thanked her and started to look around the store, thinking of doing other shopping. We heard a female store clerk loudly snort to another male store clerk, "Well, why don't they go to Kindle dot com?" to which the male clerk loudly stated, "Yeah, tell them to go to a Kindle store." This was said loud enough to be heard 1/2 was across this very large store. I approached the gentleman and politely told him that what he did was extremely rude and will be just cause for me to question whether I ever want to shop in the Bend B&N store. He half heartedly apologized, while the offending female employee held the door open for me with a sneer on her face. My wife and I were very angered by these actions. To which, we are now confirmed Kindle users and will probably never buy another book at B&N. As we have several grandchildren who dearly love all of the many books their retired, ex-teacher Nana has given over the years, it is a loss to B&N to which I have no misgivings.

Yes, I know that B&N do not sell the Kindle. I thought perhaps they may at least sell a cover. God forbid anyone has the nerve to make such an inquiry about a competitor at the Bend store. Only if I get a response from the store telling me they fired this jack-ass employee will I again consider shopping there.


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