USPS - The miserable Service of the US Postal Service

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 1:38pm CDT by 6fd7e4e9

Product: Delays with Express, Priority, regular Mail

Company: USPS

Location: 450 Lexington Avenue, Front A
New York, NY, 10017-9998, US


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Anyone wonders why the USPS is bankrupt? Anyone wonders why UPS and FEDEX get richer daily - I refused to become one of their customers - UNTIL the US postal service became so unacceptable, that I had enough.

1) a check sent to my cell phone company on Dec 28, 2010 from NYC to has still not arrived yet at my cell phone company in OR

2) a birthday card that I sent on January 10 2011 to Austria (Europe) is still "nowhere" - never arrived

3) An overnight USPS Express letter to m Investment broker arrived one week later in Chicago - yes I got the money back for the Express service, but that was not the point - in that enveloppe was a money order to buy time-sensitive investment - I lost plenty of money because it arrived delayed!!!! If I had more time I would sue the USPS!!

4) My 2011 tax-documents, mailed Priority with delivery receipt on April 15, 2011 - left the NYC post office on April 16, to NJ, from there is was sent back to my address in NYC where they realized that it was supposed to go to Kansas - it went back to NJ = and did not arrive until April 25, 2011 at the IRS office!!!! This is "Priority Mail" - which the USPS promises to deliver in 3-4 days!!!!

If you go and complain they take their "royal air" and "bark" at you as if we, the ones that are paying are the idiots.

4) So far I paid for a P.O.Box at one of the NYC post offices. I chose the one that is open until 9PM - because I usually get out of the office by 7-8PM and can pick up my mail or packages. It was great until 3 months ago, when the Postoffice (at Gr.Central Station) decided that they would NOT give you your bulk mail (which does not fit in the P.O.Box) any longer after 6PM !!

The post office is still open until 9PM - the counter-clerks cracking jokes because there is not much to do, yet they are too "important" to go to the back office to hand "the P.O.Box paying" customers their mail or packages. The worst of all, they did not even inform each P.O.Box holder - one day we arrived and the clerk was not at the usual 'mail-pick-up" window. We were standing there a good 10 Min, finally a clerk came by and litterly BARKED at us "read the sign, the window is closed since 6pm" - by looking closer we noticed an unprofessionaly hand-written paper stuck to the adjacent desk with the information. Totally un-acceptable.!! They don't want to work, I will help them and go where I am treated like "paying customer"

My reaction to such misery :

I will not renew P.O.Box at the USPS, instead I will give the business to UPS, or Mail Box etc - that are friendly, give you the bulk mail until they close the facility, don't "bark" at you when you ask a question and deliver the mail on time!!!

I am glad that the USPS is closing more and more facilities, I am not surprised that they have financial problems!

Give us the service we pay for and we will do business with you - treat us like crap and we give you crap back - it is as simple as that!!

I do hope that the USPS Management is reading this post!

My message: stop doing business with the USPS


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