DHL - DHL Express (Stupid Service and Bad Customer representatives)

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 at 1:40pm CDT by 26882492

Product: DHL Express

Company: DHL

Location: Paris, 92130, FR


Category: Other

The reason I choose DHL Express on the commitment of the 24hr Delivery to France from UK. This was shipped on Friday and I expected it to be on Monday. I need to take this shipment with my official trip which starts tomorrow morning 8 AM by flight. And i wont be here for a month. So not to avoid the shipment I took a day off from work and stayed at home. At 3 PM I checked that the delivery failed (Destinataire absent lors de la livraison.) I called up DHL Customer care immediately and told I am very well at my home. And I begged them saying its so urgent please deliver it and your pickup center is too far from where i stay and i dont have car. I got a call at 4:30 from one person saying it is not possible. I said it is so urgent or else I lose my job. They said they will call me back. No one called back, I tried calling again at 7:45 and got another person he said it is too late. But I am trying to get this done from 3PM no one bothered to help me. I asked the person to talk to some superior he said no one is there I am the only one. Now I am losing my job and i cannot travel tomorrow. Then what is the point of commitment 24 hr and what is the point of customer satisfaction. And what stupid reason i need to pay so much for such neglecting service.


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