Sprint - Cancelled Sprint Within 30 days

Posted on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 at 2:57am CDT by 301d0f5e

Product: Sprint

Company: Sprint

Location: US

Category: Other

On March 14, I made the terrible mistake of applying for a Sprint phone. I ended up staying with ATT and cancelled sprint within 14 days and they recieved their phone, which i never took out of the box, within the 30 days. It has been hell!!! I have received bills upon bills. I have lost count on the number of times I have cald Sprint Customer Service. Today is three months since I cancelled the service. Each time I called Sprint, the customer service rep assured me that the account was cancelled and I had nothing to worry about. One month ago, I received a letter stating that if I did not pay the balance they were going to send me to a collections agency. Again, I called them and they assured me that would not happen. Today, I get home, and I have a letter from the collections agency asking for the money. I am beyond angry. I am at a loss for words. To top it off, I still have not received my refund for the phone, which was about $40. HOw can this company do this. I followed the terms and conditions. They have their equipment. I am so sick and tired of calling them when no one is doing anything. Can I go to lawyer for this? Sprint is a piece of crap!!!!!


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