Papa John's - Promise Time for Pizza Way Off

Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at 9:47pm CDT by 20e0e1e2

Product: Pizza

Company: Papa John's

Location: 7321 W 151st St
Overland Park, KS, 66223, US


Category: Other

We had called the store for the pizza's for carry out. A female representative mentions 20 to 25 minutes. I go over to pick up the pizzas about 30 minutes after i called. A female cashier asks for my telephone # and asks for the money for the pizza's. I mention to her I would like to see the pizza's. She replies they are not even made up and requests me pay for them while i wait. I mention to her no i would like to see the pizzas and then i will pay for them. So I am waiting for a while and then the time gets too long so i leave. It's amazing that they did this. I call the store later to try to speak with a manager and a female who is not clear with her name mentions she remembers the pizzas and doesn't seem all that concerned about the situation. So i ask her what is her title and she responds back she is the shift manager. I ask her how can this occur and she replies back it got busy and is defending this situation. I mention to her why did you promise 20 to 25 minutes when it was about a hour for the pizzas. This was so unfair to do this to me so i mentioned to her may i have the name of the store manager. So this shift manager mentions to me she does not want to give me her store managers name. This is incredible not even giving me the store managers name. They did not want to take responsibility over this situation. This could of very easily been avoided by this shift manager giving a accurate time like 1 hour. This should not occur. Today is 5/21/11 and the store still hasn't responded back even after several attempts to contact the store and i even emailed their corporate office.


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