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Company: DIRECT TV

Location: P.O.Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO, 80155-6550, US


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Direct TV has stolen $895.61 from my bank account. That the only way it can be described, as I do not even have an account with Direct TV. Let me explain.

My wife and I helped move a family member from North Carolina to Florida to be close to us so we could help as this person is elderly. Upon arriving we made the apartment arrangements moved her in and then contacted Direct TV for the TV cable service. What a mistake! The account was established in her name as was the apartment. The issues began almost imediately with installation and very confusing rebate processing. The first month billing came in at $91.00 for what was told to us was to be $39.00 for the service selected. When we contacted Direct TV they said it was because the rebates were not applied yet

and to pay the $91.00 and they would credit the overage back on the next month. (Mistake #1) We paid it. But how we paid it is how they were able to steal my almost $900.00. (Mistake #2) We registered online with Direct TV using her information as the account was opended with. However at that time she had not closed out her banking in NC yet. So she gave us money and we used my debit card to pay the first payment.

Two months go by and she became home sick and with the help of another daughter and boyfriend from North Carolina, they drove inn packed her up and headed back all in one day. We knew

nothing of this plan until the following day when we went to see her. Thats the background now heres the issue. When she moved and defaulted on the contract with Direct TV they contacted my wife because the phone # associated on the account was her cell #, she gave them the new information to contact the account holder for payment, on three differant phone calls. Now today we find that Direct TV has entered a debit payment on my bank account for the default amount of $895.61 because they have my debit card information from the first bill received. Leaving me $80.00 to my name in th bank. Direct TV kindly said I can appeal it, but it would take 7 to 10days for them to review it and "maybe" refund it to me. This is just not acceptable, and to top it off I was just let go from my job two weeks ago and have heart issues that were to be addressed at doctor appointments next week. Now I don't even have the money for the co-payments.

Does any one have any idea what can be done. Direct TV's stand is they got their money.

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e6d8bd8f, 2011-05-20, 11:47PM CDT

Buenas Tardes.

Direct TV , esta operando sobre documentacin que usted dejo firmada al trasladar el cable , sin embargo , cuando ocurri el primer inconveniente , me imagino que existe algn comprobante que fuern atendidas y que quedo estampado dicho reclamo , si no es as , las palabras no tienen validez , lo nico que tiene valides es un papel que indique el reclamo que han efectuado , de lo contrario es conversar con un alto directivo de Direct TV y comentar su situacin como un caso especial , indicando las cosas con bases que sustenten el reclamo , de lo contrario reconocer el error por parte de ustedes en no tomar el ser precavido en solicitar una papel que indique lo que le dicen y as , solucionara el problema que le aqueja.

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