E-Bay - Complaint against E-Bay

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011 at 7:48am CDT by c80f265f

Company: E-Bay

Location: Ebay Corporate Office | Headquarters 2145 Hamilton Ave
SAN JOSE, CA, 95125, US

URL: www.ebay.com/

Category: Online Shopping

E-Bay suspended my account for unknown raasons costing me my business, mental anguish not just for me but for my family as well. There customer support is incredibly in inadequate and uninterested in e-bay's customers. They are the most inadequately run business I have ever seen in my entire life. They have permantly suspended my acount or anyone in my household. The are now telling me I owe $391 in fees when I can clearly show them over $500 in credits they owe me. Do not deal with this company or paypal. I now have my items listed in Abby's Bssement at kashwd.Webstore.com

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51eb5e3d, 2012-02-27, 05:37PM CST

I want to make a complaint against e bay but cant find how to do it. I cant believe this is a multi million dollar company and there is no way to complain. Please help

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