Phuket Thai - Horrible Server

Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 at 3:04am CDT by dff99aaa

Product: Server Kevin

Company: Phuket Thai

Location: 401 Kamakee St. #102


Category: Restaurants, Bars

Have been there a few times. I really like the food there, so I took my family there to eat today. Had no problems with other waiters before. First, takes our order without a smile and when we are done ordering he asks "is that all?" Walks away after that. And when we are ready to pay, he starts neglecting us!! Well today I had it!! Never visiting the restaurant again. The dinner was 43 dollars and so we started our tip off at $8 dollars. He made us wait 5 minutes. I took one dollar off. We were practically waving our check at his face, but ignores us again. We walk up to the hostess to pay. I take one more dollar off of the table. The hostess then makes us stand there for a while. And when he finally comes to help us out, without a "sorry" he goes to the back and processes the credit card payment. I guess he saw that the tip was only 6 dollars. Knowing we are hearing this he talks to his fellow waiter "Isn't dinner usually 18 percent?" Makes me laugh to think he deserves even 10 percent of the tab. The restaurant should give KEVIN a few more training sessions with the manager. He really needs to know how to treat his customers. 18 percent tip? makes me laugh.


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