Nice N Tite - Avoid Nice N Tite Home Repair and Remodeling

Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 at 9:10am CDT by 6c5088e7

Company: Nice N Tite

Location: 4922 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL. 60640 (office) P.O. Box 59433 Chicago, IL. 60659 (mailing address)
Chicago, IL, 60640, US


Category: Other

Adding a second story to my home, including heating/air, plumbing and electric.

The new roof added by this vendor now has two serious leaks due to improper installation of the roofing substrate, so I had to have that portion of the roof replaced. The water and plumbing work "supposedly" roughed in contained the following problems: No tub or shower drains - imagine my surprise when a drain in a "supposedly" installed shower base by this vendor leaked into the first floor ceiling. The toilet waste drains were installed upside down.

And the list could continue for several paragraphs.

Lots of excuses and lots of promises, sub par results. I have spent the last two years correcting the mistakes and paying the resultant expense. No quality control of the sub-contractors.

Damage attempted to be passed off as previously existing, stolen items, lots of surprises, not following architectural plans, upcharges, redoing of previously completed work by other contractors without approval, and the list could continue for a few paragraphs.

I took the company's owner at his word and should not have done that. I cannot recommend them for any projects, as the concept of being a general contractor, which was how they were represented, is not anywhere near true.

Considering that the job should have taken 3 months and stretched out to almost a year was disconcerting enough, particularly since I was told I was the only client they had at the time and that they were focusing on my project exclusively.

The end result, without my intervention, probably would have been a lot worse. I would recommend reviewing all expenses and receipts for hidden costs, because when I did, it was an eye-opening experience.

I was told that anything that needed to be corrected would be, however, the prospect of this nightmare re-occurring and that I had not been living in my home for almost a year, made me decide to just wash my hands of it and take it as a loss.

Will I ever trust any contractor at their word again, no way. Did I get value for what I paid, after reading this review, what do you think? Just awful. Each new day results in a new, bad discovery. My recommendation is to avoid them, don't make the same mistake I did.


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