Golden Eagle Coins - Golden Eagle Coins Poor Service

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 at 2:44pm CDT by 5ae551d1

Product: Golden Eagle Coins

Company: Golden Eagle Coins

Location: 8730-14 Cherry Ln.
Laurel, MD, 20707, US


Category: Other

On May 5th. 2011, I ordered a silver coin from this company, and only received it today, May 18th.

A day after my order, I received an email stating that it was being "processed" but without explanation as to what exactly they meant. I wrote to ask about the "processed" part, and was told that due to my address it was being delayed by their "Fraud department".

My address is temporary because I am out of town for a few months and I told them so.

Correspondence with these people was scarce, and no update was sent about my order being shipped and no tracking number was ever provided.

In other words, they simply delayed my order for two weeks so that they can get the best current silver price on the market and make as much off of my purchase as they can. I ordered the silver coin when it was low and hoped to get the benefit of low price. Instead, I was made to wait for two weeks to get this "deal".

I advise people to not deal with any company that does not correspond properly, notify of shipment, or give a tracking order. When you deal with such people, they are trying to avoid being pinned down to a commitment of ship date. In this case, they are trying to play the market and make the maximum profit even if it inconveniences the customer.


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