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This website is impossible! I ordered a dress on April 9th. I also notified them that my prom date was May 21st. On my confirmation email it said I would have my dress in 17-30 days. 30 days rolls around and I email them (as a phone number was never supplied)saying, "I was told I would have my dress by today at the latest. I was just wondering where it is and when I can expect it. My prom is in a week and a half." They email me back later that day saying "We are shipping it. You will get it on time." A week goes by, I email again. "I am worried now because my prom is in 4 days. I would like a phone number so I may speak to someone about my dress." A receive a call from a "restricted" number. The woman on the other end could hardly understand & speak English. She said, "When prom date?" "SATURDAY! 4 DAYS!" I said. She replies, "oh yes, we ship right away. You get on time." Furious I ask, "It was shipped last week. That is what I was told. Was, or was it NOT shipped last week?" "Yes we ship right away. No worry, you get on time."

I now have 3 DAYS until my prom, no dress, no phone number, and $200 poorer. Do not! Do not! DO NOT! order anything from this site. It has been a complete catastrophe.


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