The Laser Tag Group (Ultrazone Laser Tag) - Laser Tag charges for non-existing players!

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 9:40am CDT by 7aab1290

Product: Aweful service, refusal to refund incorrect charges

Company: The Laser Tag Group (Ultrazone Laser Tag)

Location: 3447 Carlin Springs Rd
Falls Church, Vi, 22041, US


Category: Other

We had a birthday party for 15 children at this location. The party host claimed that she counted 16 game tickets for the second game, and charged us for 16 kids. We paid the charge, as it was handled in a rushed manner, by pulling me practically out of instruction room prior to the game. I trusted the host that may be we did end up with one extra child.

When we counted kids right before they have entered the game room - there was 15 of them and the party host agreed that there was indeed 15 kids. Store manager said that they cannot process a refund at the store and suggested calling corporate office. This was the first red flag. I have never seen a business that was unable to correct a mistake right there on the spot.

Store manager kept giving me a totally outrageous line, that since we have signed our name at the bottom of the receipt - even though we did based not on the real quantity of kids, but on the erroneous claims of the party host - we have up our right to be refunded incorrectly charged amount. This was a second red flag. Felt like a trap. They pull you out of the instruction room, in a noisy and rushed atmosphere, throw an invoice at you, and as soon as you sign it - you are screwed, since there is no way to come back and revisit the charge and fix any mistakes.

Corporate office refused to process a refund citing that their store personnel insisted that we had 16 children and absolutely refused to believe us and our word that the party host also counted 15. She may have changed her story later when talking to corporate (if such conversation ever took place) in order not to appear incompetent to her management. I am not to judge the reason for the store personnel telling corporate different things that they have told me.

The thing is - we had 15 children and the store seems to have policies that make it impossible to correct any mistakes at the place and time of purchase. Then once they make you contact corporate - we, as customers get taken for a ride. Corporate guy, named Mike - sounds very friendly and keeps saying that he has to talk to the elusive owner of the company, and this is for the $17.95!

We have not have had problems with this merchant in the past, but apparently this particular crew that served us this year is less than honest. Coupled with highly peculiar billing practices, this place appears to be set up for small rip-offs on the backs of the rushed and overwhelmed parents during their kids birthday parties.


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