Comcast Cable Television - Comcast: Biggest Scams and Liars!!

Posted on Sunday, May 15th, 2011 at 7:44pm CDT by 5ee823df

Company: Comcast Cable Television

Location: US

Category: Other

I just found this site or else this would've been on here last year but anyway, last year I decided to pay off my Comcast bill so I could get cable in my name, my husband didn't want it in his name, so I called and gave the guy my name, social security #, etc..well, the number I was calling from was affiliated with my husband account, well, I told the guy I wanted to pay off my bill so it's not on my credit and I wanted to start up service again, so he gave me the total, I gave him my debit card # and he paid it. After he said it went through he told me thanks for paying my husband's bill and I told him I wasn't paying my husband's, I was paying mine and he said there's nothing he could do about it. I fought with them for a couple months then finally they called and said they're refunding my money and it'll be in my account in 3 business days. I waited 2 weeks and nothing. So I called the corporate office and they said to FAX them my bank statement and so I did..they call 2 weeks later and tell me I'm not getting a refund, they listened to my call and I paid the right account. I asked to listen to it because I know didn't ask to pay my husband's bill and she was very rude and said she will not let me listen to it and hung up on me. I will NEVER give a dime to Comcast! They are scams and liars. They even lied to The Attorney General and BBB. I have no one else to go to!


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