Posted on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 at 12:14pm CDT by c25977a4

Product: All RCN Services

Company: RCN

Location: US

Category: Other

RCN is really the worst company, and whoever makes policy decisions is plain stupid. Unfortunately, I live in a building that has only contracted with RCN, so I am FORCED to have it if I want cable service. In the meantime, I will do my best to publicize how truly AWFUL this company is so others can avoid using RCN if they have a choice. For example, they recently started offering the Tivo as a DVR-option, but you can only get RCN's Tivo if you also opt-in for their internet service. I did not want RCN's internet service (anymore), so I bought my own Tivo and pay 12.95/mo directly to Tivo versus 19.95 to RCN, and RCN still has to provide the m-card (decoder card), and as a result of their idiotic policy, they are making $1.50/month off of me when they could be making $19.95 a month off of me if they weren't such dicks about trying to force me into using their internet service (Side bar: I stopped using their internet service when it was out for two weeks, and their tech support in India kept telling me it was the wiring in my apartment, that I could pay for a technician to come out and test the wiring...as it turns out a fiber optic line had been damaged somewhere in the world, and I spent weeks wasting my time on the phone with people in India who read from a script---they want me to pay a monthly fee for this?) Back to the DVR, though...I gave them back their piece of crap Motorola DVR that I was leasing for 20 bucks a month. (They lose, I win.) That saves me $66 dollars a year (a good Sushi meal for me). On the subject of the m-card...cable companies are required by FCC law to provide the decoder card if you purchase your own DVR option. I asked them to send me the m-card, and they said I could only get the m-card if I paid them $50 for a technician to deliver and install it. Installation by the way amounts to inserting a metal card into a PCMCIA slot on the DVR...no more difficult than inserting a card into your laptop. They must be on crack if they think I was going to pay them 50 dollars for this. I threatened to cancel service altogether and stream my shows on Hulu if they did not waive the charge.

My next complaint is about the HBO Go application now available to HBO subscribers. Oh wait...not to RCN subscribers. In terms of being cool and hip and having lots of options for their consumers, RCN is quite the opposite. No cool apps for your Android or iPad. No integration with cool new services like HBO Go. You get the down and dirty, no frills, all chills, nadaliciousness. And cable companies find it surprising that subscribers are dropping like flies for much cheaper streaming options like Netflix and Huluplus?


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