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I purchased an item from a private seller on eBay. The transaction went off without a hitch. The seller packed and shipped the item which is a steampress. It retails for approximately $299.00. I purchased it for $90.00 with shipping. An incredible deal. When I received the package, I later that day I opened it and the handle that pertrudes over the top of the press which is the basic catalyst of the press. It opens, closes, has control buttons to administer the steam was broken. I at first thought it was a removable handle. I then checked it and could tell that in fact there isnt a removable handle it was broken off. I contacted the seller he assure me as well as the pictures I saw of the item it wasnt broken. So I contacted UPS, filed the damage complaint. Out of the blue, the next day I come home from work and there had been a UPS driver at my house to pick up the package to inspect it. Problem is, one I wasn't home, and two, I wasn't home because no arrangements had been made with me to be home for the pickup. I then emails on their site the customer service to which I received an actual reply as it pertained to what I had written so I felt good that ok, I was talking to a real person. I explained the situation to which I received a return email telling me that another driver would be out the very next day. This notification was at about 11:30 p.m. EST. So no reaction time. I happened to be awake got the notice and I wrote back for them not to send anyone out as I need more notice to take the time off. I come home the next day to find yet another door sticker. I once again wrote customer service again explaining that I wasnt home and they had not given me the proper notification. I asked was there somewhere I could take the package to make things easy. No response. I decided to ask what was going to happen to the package after they inspected it. They stated, it would be determined if the damage incurred during shipping and then return it to the seller. To which I stated NO! I puchased and item at a great discount from an individual who did not want it this the reason for selling it. I too stressed their resolution leaves me without to item I wanted as well as the great deal I got and there is no way I would find a deal like that again. I to defended the seller asking them why would he want something he sold back, muchless receive it back broken so then he couldnt even sell it again. I got no response. Low and Behold if this morning someone showed up to pick up the package again. Completely beyond ridiculous. I stated last evening Do Not send another driver until arrangements had been made with me to be at home. I too stated that I am not agreeable with their resolution. I would never be able to obtain such another great deal, yet had they not broken the item I would still have it and be happy. And to then make mention they intended to send it back to the seller and force him to accept back an item he not only didnt want, but now have it broken and in a condition it couldnt be sold. The only solution as I see it, its not a point of what I paid for the item, or whom it was purchased. The fact is, I purchased an Item still with the original box and packing as the seller received it as a gift. So I stated I wanted it replaced not basically swap it back and make believe it never happened. So I made a final statement, replace my item and if it costs them full price that is not my issue as I would have a fully operable device if they hadnt broken it. Told them leave the seller alone as he did what was required, packed, shipped and insured. Now this evening I have searched and cannot find any method to contact UPS above a simple customer service representative, after I noticed they labeled my transaction as "Unable to contact client to retrieve item after 3rd and final attempt, case has been closed and considered resolved". Really!!! So I want everyone to know, UPS can break your goods being shipped and insured and do absolutely nothing except make vain attempts to retrieve the item. Using them showing up so that they can claim they tried and I was uncooperative. So, they broke it, make it appear as they tried to rectify the issue, and then closed the claim as attempted and complaintant couldnt be contacted claim considered closed.

There is my story. If anyone knows how I can contact corporate office of UPS to file a higher complaint please email me @ [email protected] .. Thanks for reading.

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e604f519, 2011-09-20, 10:18PM CDT

You might try calling Andy Dolny with UPS Investor Relations at 404-828-8901 or Norman Black with UPS Public Relations at 404-828-7593.

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