Walmart - Walmart Cheats The Consumer

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2011 at 9:19pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Stock And Pricing Woes

Company: Walmart

Location: Apopka, Fl, US


Category: Other

Ok, Walmart is no longer cheaper...Many times I have gone to buy favorite items only to find Walmart either raised the price until I could no longer afford it, or they have removed it from the shelf and put their own overpriced inferior products in it's I use to buy two in one shampoo..I paid $3 for they removed it from the shelf hoping to force their shoppers into buying two seperate bottles at $3 instead of $3 for one, we would be forced to pay $6 for I switched to Prell..suddely Prell disappeared off the shelf completely and was replaced with their overpriced brand instead...I now buy my shampoo elsewhere..I use to buy 3 large bags of cat food..suddenly those size bags disappeared and was replaced with more expensive smaller bags..instead of 18 lbs bags I now get higher priced 14 and 16 lbs favorite cat litter jumped in price from $5.29 to $6.22, the final straw for me came just a week ago..I went to pick up my 2 usual containers of cat litter..I was only half stunned to see they had decided to remove that brand from the shelf..hoping to force their shoppers to buy the smaller more expensive containers of cat litter..wont be happening..I will pay more elsewhere..that brand is the ONLY brand that works like it should...I will pay more elsewhere...wise up Walmart, the economy is NOT better..we CANNOT afford your price gouging...I use to spend between $150 and $200 a week in your I am down to $50...after the cat litter is off the shelf I will take my business elsewhere...Shame on you for cheating your customers out of what little bit of money they have..I now use my Walmart shopping bags in Kmart and's a funny story your shoppers will love to read..last year they had a price tag on their snuggies it read $19.99 roll back price from $24.95...HORSESHIT...snuggies have ALWAYS been $19.99..we bought ours at Dollar General for $9.99..HA..tip for ya Walmart shoppers take your business elsewhere...if we stick together then they will be forced to adhere to their own claims of having lower prices...if it isn't on sale and isn't a true sale and I will recognize it as such...I will buy it somewhere else...wanna know how much I spent two weeks ago...$8! And the last time I was there I walked out with nothing, but the shopping bag I carried inside with me!!


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c458eec9, 2011-05-13, 02:21PM CDT

I just visited Walmart and yes, they did take my litter of choice off the shelf..they replaced it with a different version of the same brand that does NOT work as good and raised the price to nearly $7..that version was only $5.69 prior to that! I was paying $6.22 ie: $14.44 for two 20lbs they want me to pay $7 for 1 14 lbs containers...nope, not happening Skippy..I spent a grand total of $12..while shopping in a rival store ie: Target, a customer was complaining loudly to everyone about how expensive Walmart is now compared to others me, she now shops elsewhere for her wanted/needed items..I'm planning on doing all of my shopping elsewhere from now on..HEY WALMART, YOU HAVE LOST ANOTHER, the parking lot was not as crowded as it usually is! Bye Bye!

c458eec9, 2011-05-18, 12:10PM CDT

They sent me a canned email that did alot of double talking, but answered none of my questions, or even addressed my complaint...WALMART IS A JOKE, AND A BAD JOKE AT THAT!

c458eec9, 2011-10-19, 01:29PM CDT

Meow Mix, Friskies, Whiskas, 9 Lives etc etc killing our cats, I found out the food I have been buying in Walmart and other stores is causing seizures in my 2 year old Jessie James... I am no longer purchasing those foods from those stores, now they eat a all natural food sold elsewhere..

06fadc07, 2012-02-23, 07:37AM CST

I know what you mean, Walmart is going down the drain.

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