startec global communications - not doing there business right

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 1:22pm CDT by f40b4510

Product: zero11 wireless

Company: startec global communications

Location: 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 520 Rockville, MD 20855 U.S.A.
rockville, MD, 20855, US


Category: Other

There not telling the truth if you are a new customer just liked what i've experienced to them twice.I ask them if they offer unlimited call to the philipines & they said yes.I ask them again that really it is unlimited?meaning i can talk anytime i want without any limits daily,24/7? They just kept saying yes we do have that product & if you signed up already & experienced hard time to call ofcourse your gonna call to the customer service & thats the time that they gonna tell you that 'Oh maam you exceed your daily limits already,you can make a call again after 24hrs & thats bullshit! I'd signed up to them cause they said its unlimited i can talk anytime what i want w/o limits.

And i was being idiot again for 2nd time.They offer me there new product w/c is zero11 wireless w/c is unlimited call again to the philippines for 5 globe or TM numbers but after i used it for almost 4 hrs talking to the phone i can't make a call anymore & it say's i'd reach my daily limits. Again i called to the customer service & same thing i've used my daily limits that's why can't make a call. There supposed to tell there new customer that there product its not really unlimited like what the customer's are looking for. There just gonna tell the truth after you you make a complain to them & after they took the money. There not being honest & there steeling money just to get new customers.


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