Apple Computer / MobileMe - iWeb (Subscription) Crashed - Can't Get In

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 10:38am CDT by 0a138a73

Product: iWeb (MobileMe)

Company: Apple Computer / MobileMe

Location: US

Category: Other

Im low-income and $100 annually is expensive for a subscription to MobileMes iWeb, but Ive struggled to renew it for several years because its been fun and easy to use for the purposes of virtually unlimited space for photo albums and blog publishing without having to be technically inclined, which I am definately not.

On April 29, 2011, was working on a blog and had to stop to go to the store. As usual, I saved my work, closed the program, and shut down the computer for an hour or so.

When I returned nothing happened when I clicked on the iWeb icon. The next day my neighbor, more computer savvy than I, reinstalled the program for me after not being able to figure out what might be the problem. This time for that ONE day, I was able to get into my photo albums to delete, upload, and edit them, but not into the blog portion.

The next day it was BACK to the original click-on-icon, nothing happens. I could not get into the site at all. Many times the bar would indicate it was loading but nothing would show up. Thats it. Total crash.

Next day I had a long online communication with Apples Live Chat. This person was unable to help either and even did a test to try to get in with his email. That didnt work and the email was not put back to my own email setting, so the next day I had trouble getting to my .mac emails. Finally I was able to figure out how to get back in, but was still unable to remove his email, so am now getting two of every piece of mail sent. Better than no mail at all, of course.

That, however, is a very minor issue when compared to this total program crash. He referred me to a senior MobileMe expert. This person in turn just referred me via an email to the questions and answers section at the Apple Website. To me, this is in computer-ese, not easily understandable, and most importantly, not at all relevant to my problem that I could see. I wanted actual intervention someone knowledgeable going into the program from their end to check it out not a bunch of FAQs.

I replied to this senior persons email, giving a detailed explanation of the problem, but the email kept bouncing back to me undeliverable. Finally it seems to have gone through, but Ive received no reply or acknowledgement that theyre trying to fix my problem at all.

Others can view my albums and blogs and I can see these when I use a bookmark. The rough draft I was working on shows up only in the Archives, however, and not on the main blog page. On the main page there is only a blank page and a title for this draft, which I could not remove to start over when I was able to get in that one day.

I am paying good money for this subscription (which also includes a .mac email address) but cannot get in at ALL to delete, upload, or input anything.

In my detailed email to the senior supervisor, I indicated that Id be perfectly willing to have all my previous work completely deleted in order to salvage the program itself. That is, I would be willing to start the photo albums and the blogs over if the thing is hopelessly corrupt and they are unable to get me back to where I was when it crashed, so I could remove the only-archived draft blog and start over from there with a new entry. I do not mind starting over; its just not fair to me to have to lose the program completely when I paid so much for it.

But no word yet from anyone at Apple that they are attempting to solve this problem for me.

It is obviously a serious problem and something in there is corrupted or theres a virus or something. How would I know THEY are the experts. I did not do anything to bring this on myself.

So if they are really open to trying to help me get this program running normally again, I would think someone could shoot me an email to let me know they are at least working on it. Nothing has changed. This morning when I clicked on the iWeb icon, the loading bar did not even show up.

If they cannot help me at all with this problem, I think they should then refund my money. I realize, of course, that I would lose my .mac email and all the stuff Ive posted, but at the same time this program is not doing me any good if I cant get into it from my end to do anything with it!

I just renewed my subscription in March. They could make the adjustments and refund the rest. They have money; I do not. If the program is not going to work for the rest of the year, I think I deserve a refund.


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