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Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 9:50pm CST by 6969af5f

Product: Timeshare transfer company

Company: Global Resort Transfer

Location: 9155 S Dadeland Blvd. Suite 1712
Miami, FL, 33156, US


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This company has been "processing" my two timeshare transfers since September, 2009. My account has been passed from employee to employee. I can never get straight answers from them. They ignore my voicemail messages and if I get a response through e-mail, it's at least two weeks after I have sent the e-mail. I was told one of my properties had been transferred and later found it had not been transferred, after the resort sent me a bill for maintenance fees. I'm fed up with this company and their lack of progress after 18 months. I paid the fees, now I want action taken immediately.


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6969af5f, 2011-05-07, 06:19PM CDT

My complaint has not been satisfied. For one timeshare they ended up stopping all processing, stating "there is nothing we can do because (the resort) will not respond to the transfer request". So, my fee was finally refunded with that one and the timeshare was pushed back my way. The other timeshare is "in the process of being transferred" (for the 2nd time).

6969af5f, 2011-08-15, 07:18PM CDT

I went back to the resort that sent me to Global Resort Transfers. They do NOT like dissatisfied customers, so they have gotten involved and now Global Resort Transfers is once again handling the transfer. If you do not pay the fee to Global Resort Transfers, they will more than likely do nothing and not tell you until you contact them.

cdd1ac45, 2012-10-26, 12:14AM CDT

You are absolutely right....I thought i was the only one BUT EVERYTHING u have said is what I went through....NO ONE answered my emails or voicemail messages....I am at a loss and would love to hear what u r doing to complete your resort trade transaction...

Eva C., 2013-01-26, 12:56PM CST

I'm sorry you got caught. Fraud in general and specifically of timeshare are the order of the day. People should becautious and not be fooled by false promises about investment returns, timeshare resales, TIMESHARE TRANSFERS or anything that sounds too good to be true. If it helps, here you can read some articles about how to proceed now:

wish you good luck with everything!

af94c0ef, 2013-05-16, 09:37PM CDT

I am going through the same thing. I traded two of my timeshares for one, and the resort who I traded through uses Global. One of the transfers went through, after months of inconsistent information about wether or not we had to use a US notary, (we live in Canada, not in a location anywhere near a US consulate or the border) and from June to August, had dealt with two different people. (The first left the company and then the second followed suit.) We thought everything was fine, as the first transfer was finally completed, but after a couple of months of not having confirmation of the second transfer completion, I called. Yet a third person was taking care of my file, (this is now October) and was informed I would have to pay the 2013 MF AND hand over the week to them, yet the fees are not due until February 2013?. I was livid, but felt like I had no choice... I was told that if I did not pay the fee, my file would be placed on hold until I paid, and until then the timeshare would remain in my name. I paid when the fees were due, (Feb 2013) and then contacted Global to advise them. I later got a call to inform me that the week was deposited, thus not available. When I called the resort, the confirmed that the week was available. Finally on the 18th of April, 2013 I received an email indicating that the file was approved to be reactivated but that they wanted $100. I told them I was not going to pay, and the girl I was dealing with was able to have it waived. We had to sign a reinstatement letter, and I sent it back. I emailed almost daily to confirm that the letter was received and had not response, so I called yesterday only to find out that the person I was dealing with was no longer with the company. I asked how I would have known, and they said I wouldn't.... Long and short is that they are now saying that they are not going to proceed with the transfer, yet the lady I dealt with two weeks ago said management approved it??? FRUSTRATED!

Global Resort T., 2013-06-03, 05:39PM CDT

See Supreme Court Lawsuit filed against Global Resort Transfer last month and should have included the Founder/Owner hiding behind 100s of transfers. We have damages and proof and will be rewarded by this class action filing(Rob or Sean can pay us $500/per recorded Deed transferred and then we will drop out fully)-

Google or Bing this case # for all info needed >>> SC20130046 <<<

Global Resort T., 2013-05-20, 12:55PM CDT

WE ARE BUYING THESE!!! But he Filed False uppaid item claim! Look at the low amounts! We own 1000s of Timeshares... BEWARE heres the PROOF



View purchased item- opens in a new window or tab

You haven't paid for this item yet.


May 19, 2013


Unpaid item case open ? please pay by May 23, 2013

Take action



View purchased item- opens in a new window or tab

You haven't paid for this item yet.


May 19, 2013


Unpaid item case open ? please pay by May 23, 2013

Take action

Global Resort T., 2013-05-20, 01:01PM CDT

This must be because of Supreme Court Lawsuit filing. Global Resort Transfer Case # SC20130046 in Class Action matter.. Over 522 Blog Post comments made on TUG(Timeshare users group postings!!!

kathleen p., 2014-05-03, 11:30PM CDT

My tracking says they transferred to resort. Am I to believe this? This was only after a very unpleasant exchange with Sean. I told him I was going to call my credit card company if he could not answer me. Mt documents had been back from the recorder for 3 weeks sitting at their office, 2 weeks after a promise of expediting them!

How do I follow up on this other than through them? Can I contact the resort? I have NEVER had a problem buying a timeshare on EBAY before. Ebay needs to be aware but they take down the feedback option before timeshares clear.

It has now been 3 months. I have bought 5 timeshares online & have never had anyone treat me with such anger & never had it take this long. I bought at Peacock Suites. Does anyone know who I can contact besides Global for a real answer?

kathleen p., 2014-05-05, 10:52PM CDT

Glad I followed up. 10 days after they said they sent to resort, resort has nothing. Even snail mail doesn't take that long. I emailed Sean, his response, 'I'll look into it immediately'. 14 hours later, nothing. I am calling my credit card company & canceling the payment to his company. I do nit need any timeshare this badly. Filing bad report on TUG next. This guy is so unproffessional.

fbc1f422, 2016-01-05, 01:50PM CST

Sorry to read that , for own experience i recommend MTS for timeshare cancellations , approved by BBB you could try contact them, good luck

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