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Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 10:33am CST by 8476fe0b

Company: Euromotorhome Spain

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Camper Van Rental Rip-Off In Spain

This Camper Van Rental Rip-Off experience recently happened to my wife and I after we had rented a camper van from Euro Motor Home in Spain. Our much anticipated trip of a lifetime began October 2nd 2010 when we picked up the Euro Motor Home/Spain camper van in Barcelona/Cervello. Our planned itinerary would take us northeast from Barcelona into south, central and western France, then down along the Bay of Biscay into northern Spain, southwest across Spain to Portugal, back along Spain's Costa del Sol, again into France, east through the Pyrenees and back to Barcelona. This 41 day rental was contracted to cost us 3,516 Euros and was all paid for in advance to Motor Homes Worldwide/Australia. But as it turned out the rental ended up costing us an additional 2,000 Euros (nearly 60 percent more than the initial outlay) for repairs to the Euro Motor Home van when the clutch disintegrated in southern France. The breakdown happened after only seven days of driving this Euro Motor Home/Spain van. Then the Fiat dealer who assessed the needed clutch repairs also warned us that the van was unsafe to drive on account of its badly worn tires. The dealer explained that these tires were original equipment on this now more than three year old van with 64,000 kilometers on the odometer. Not only were the tires worn out and unsafe (especially as to the badly cracked sidewalls) but the Fiat warranty on the vehicle itself was null and void. So we messaged back and forth for three days with the Euro Motor Home/Spain head office in Madrid and on Friday October 15th they finally provided us with written authorization to proceed with the repairs and tire purchase and the understanding that we would be reimbursed upon our return. At the time we thought we had reason to celebrate. Well, the payoff indeed has been a good one and worthy of celebration for the companies involved, especially since Euro Motor Home in Spain at our expense now have the old Ducati van with its brand new clutch and new tires for the 2011 rental season and we have nothing! In spite of our continuing efforts over the past three months, Euro Motor Home has absolutely refused to follow up on their promise to reimburse us for the clutch repair and tire replacement costs that we incurred on their behalf. That is why we have resorted to using the internet in this way to tell you and the rest of the world about our experience involving this Camper Van Rental Rip-Off, particularly as it concerns Euro Motor Home/Spain in collaboration with Motor Homes Worldwide/Australia.

We are directing our message to any and all prospective motor home renters anywhere in the world where any of these companies or their affiliates operate. Our message is On account of our experience described above, be very wary of doing business with any motor home rental agent bearing the name Euro Motor Home and/or the name Motor Homes Worldwide or of any implied connection with either of these companies, particularly any business bearing the name Euro Motor Home/Spain (head office in Madrid).

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43de5f65, 2011-03-08, 11:31AM CST

It's true that this customers has these problems but there are a little details that they don't write:

1.- The first notice about this is communicate on 13th october, not after 7 days rental. The true is that the damage occurs and is communicate after 12 days of use and after many kilometers.

2.- The answer of this enterprise was to get permission to make the change of the cluth BUT always pending the analisys on their return.

3.- After this one more thing is communicate on 15 october like the tyres also need to change because they are not in good use by some pictures sended by the customer.

4.- The true is that the cluth is "burned" and also the tyres are burned completly (is not possible to see the mark of the tyres in three pictures.

5.- For these calification the enterprise send the materials that the customer get us (the old cluth and one tyre) to one expert and the official report of this independence expert say that the cluth and the tyres are burned and this is caused for the customer.

6.- If the cluth in this situation was in this condition at the start every body know that is impossible to make 2.700 kilometers and is one probe that the vehicle was delivered to the customer in good conditions.

7.- The cluth burned and the tyres burned at the same moment is an evidence of one not good use by the customer and this is the final conclussion of the official report.

8.- In many times we required the explication of the success and the customer get two different versions trougth the garaje in France and directly to us. The first information is that the customer are stopped in one traffic congestion; this is also compatible with the burned cluth. The experts can to deducted if the cluth has a normal wear or not by the colour and by the situation of the metals of the part.

We are very sorry for all incidents but there are an official report to the court, if the customer would like it, who say that the damage is not for one malfunction of the vehicle or others, it's for one inappropiate use of the vehicle in one moment.

Euromotorhome Espaa, S.L.

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