Pegasus Airlines ( secretly makes multiple transactions. Stay away from that Fraudulent airline company.

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011 at 12:53pm CST by 6e12cb35

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I'm living in Germany and have been defrauded by the company called Pegasus airlines ( which is a (fraudulent) airline company located in Turkey. I learned from my bank that they made multiple transactions from my credit card. I tried to contact them by e-mail/phone but couldn't get my money back. After searching the internet about the company, I realized that it was too late for me. Since there are already many people like me who has already lost lots of money to this company and couldn't get their money back. If you are reading this, please stay away from Pegasus Airlines. It's been more than 2 months and I still don't have any answer for them.


1268ef70, 2011-03-08, 04:53PM CST

For other Pegasus Airlines scams, please check . At least %50 of the poeple in that page have lost their money without getting any service from this company. What Pegasus airlines usually does is cancelling the flight few days before the flight date and ignoring emails & phone calls from angry customers (like us). Don't bother, you cannot get any refund from them. So, be careful!!! The strange thing is, even though there are many people who have lost their money to Pegasus Airlines without any service, I'm one of the few people who is compaining about this company on multiple web sites. Please help yourself and let the world know about those scammer companies.

1a918d84, 2013-11-07, 12:11PM CST

Still waiting for Pegasus to respond to a complaint my husband made 2 weeks ago. He flew from Izmir-Istanbul-Stansted but his luggage never left Istanbul! Waited 3 hours at Stansted, noone to help and had to drive 2.5 hours home with no clues and certainly no luggage! Called every tel no. under the sun the following day (PGS Istanbul head Office, PGS Istanbul airport, PGS Stansted airport..... etc), numbers either did not work or we were fobbed off and told to call elsewhere. In fact PGS at Stansted told us we would need to go to Stansted and deal with the matter in person, even though were 2.5 hours away and it wasn't our fault! A helpful lady at Stansted found our luggage in the end and sent it the following day via courier. Pegasus offered no help, no interest and certainly no apology and can't even respond to an email we have sent three times now. I will make sure I spread the word everywhere and will continue until I get a satisfactory response. DO NOT FLY WITH PEGASUS

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