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Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2011 at 6:54pm CST by 58267003

Product: Virgin Mobile cell phone

Company: Virgin Mobile USA

Location: Virgin Mobile Usa Inc 10 Independence Blvd Warren, NJ 07059
Warren, NJ, 07059, US


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I have been a Virgin Mobile cell phone client for years. I signed up for a payment plan that automatically subtracts $15 from my credit card every three months (they call it topping up). Normally the charge is $20, but by using automatic withdrawal, I save $5.

Starting in fall 2009, I have repeatedly received threatening e-mails and computerized phone calls from Virgin, claiming that since I did not added money to my account in the last 90 days, my phone had stopped working, and if I did not top-up soon, I might lose my phone number and any remaining balance.

The e-mail instructed me to add $20 to my account via credit card. The first time it happened (Sept. 2009), I made the $20 payment online, forgetting that I had already paid via automatic withdrawal.

It took *seven* tries to even reach customer service. Every time I called, I went through voice-mail hell, was put on hold for 20 minutes, and gave up.

Finally, determined to get through, I spent almost an *hour* on hold until I reached a human being. In an extremely unpleasant discussion, I informed the rep that I had been cheated into paying an extra $20, and I expected a refund and written confirmation.

She assured me she would e-mail her supervisor, the money would be credited, and her supervisor would e-mail a confirmation. When I demanded a letter instead, she hung up on me.

It took months to get money refunded to my credit card, and I never received any written confirmation. On Dec. 3, 2009, I received the same e-mail, as well as several threatening phone calls. Obviously no-one made any changes to my account billing information.

Today, March 5, 2011, I once again got an e-mail saying that unless I topped up (i.e., paid $20 immediately), my phone would stop working and I'd lose the number and any remaining balance.

I have spent the last two hours attempting to reach customer service. The company website lists no e-mail address. I clicked up the contact us link, I filled in all the required information, hit submit and was informed that this URL cannot be reached. I tried it twice.

Then I found another website devoted to getting customers to humans ASAP. I called and actually reached a woman quickly. She took my name and phone number, and then the connection went dead.

Has Virgin decided to make filing a complaint as difficult and tedious as possible, until most people simply give up?

In my extensive career, I have dealt with numerous customer service departments for many products. I have *never* been treated so shabbily in my life.

To find the corporate HQ street address and managing officers, I had to consult a research librarian. Today I wrote two vice presidents, the CFO, and the BBB of New Jersey. Maybe the BBB can help.

Based on experience I do not expect to hear anything back from Virgin.


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