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Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2011 at 12:21pm CST by 1786feac

Product: Trivia Event Hosting Service

Company: Loose Gravel Productions

Location: Not known

URL: http://www.loosegravel.biz/

Category: Other

I had issue with a change in the formatting at the venue I have been attending trivia at weekly.

I sent him an email on his site stating my feelings and stated I would now have to find trivia at other locations i.e. different businesses. This was his response to me via email- in which he insulted me.


Im happy to hear that you enjoyed trivia. Unfortunately it wasnt our decision to drop trivia. The bar decided they wanted to change it up. They first started trivia about a year ago. They stopped for a bit while leagues were out and then brought it back when leagues returned. It sounds like it was going well and I wish they would have kept it going but ultimately those kinds of decisions are always made by the bar. We also like Mike and we are trying to find a new place for him to host.

I can understand your reluctance to try Rock and Roll Bingo but it is really fun. If you are worried that you might not know all the questions, it should be noted that we use the same songs from week to week and you are allowed to use phone apps like Shazam or Soundhound (better!) to assist you. Otherwise our calendar is at www.loosegravel.biz/calendar2010.html. You may be able to find trivia near you.

Lastly, and I debated whether to bring this up or not, but your email was kind of crappy. We take great pride in our trivia company and would invite you to check out the other companies in the area. We are confident you will find a superior format with better hosts, questions, and prizes. Im all for threatening a company with losing business to get what I want but I like to make sure I have my facts straight do I dont look like I dont know what Im talking about. I hope this helps you get things in the future.

Hope to see you at some shows,

Bryce Wilson


Loose Gravel Productions


07cc4276, 2011-03-05, 07:58PM CST

Dear Internet and more specifically complaints.com,

At Loose Gravel Productions we pride ourselves on our service. Our excellent service extends beyond just entertaining bar patrons with the best damn trivia in the Twin Cities. Sometimes we are called on for a higher purpose. When Liz contacted us we saw an opportunity to help one our loyal compatriots. Knowing how to get things you want is an important life skill. Unfortunately, it's a skill that needs a bit of massaging in our dear friend, Liz.

Here is her original message:

Really bummed you guys took Trivia from Tuttles on Thursdays. We went for 4 months straight and loved it. Going to miss Mike a ton.

We have no interest in Bingo. That limits us to only knowing music and not the fun pop culture stuff.

Sadly we'll be going to another location and company for trivia. BUMMED


Bummed, indeed. You can read our response that sweet Liz posted. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves (aside from a small usage error where we wrote, "do" instead of, "so." We try to be sticklers about grammar but alas...)

See, it's important that everyone learn how to properly interact with people. You catch more bees with honey... When trying to get something from a company you feel has wronged you, first get all of the facts. This step is vital. It shows you know what you are talking about and helps you avoid embarrassing situations (see: this whole ridiculous affair). Secondly, know what it is you want. If you aren't prepared to ask for something, you may be better off not complaining at all. Lastly, contact the business. Using facts and manners you can confidently ask for what you feel to be fair compensation for your distress. Sometimes the business will negotiate and you may get less than you initially asked for but in almost all scenarios businesses will respond favorably. This is why all major corporations have customer retention departments. We have personally followed these three simple steps to receive discounts on satellite TV, cell phone bills, and more!

We should probably now all thank Liz for making a big deal out of this. What seems like a small issue has now garnered the attention of the entire internet and Loose Gravel Productions is now sharing our wisdom and advice for all the world instead of just one person. You are all now better people for having read this and we have but one special person to thank. So thank you Liz. We hope we can continue to be friends. We noticed you've asked on two different occasions to work for us. We're not sure why it never came to fruition and you'll have to pardon us for not offering you a position at this time but we don't think it would work. It's not you. It's us.


Bryce Wilson


Loose Gravel Productions

de4d168e, 2011-08-23, 04:08PM CDT

I don't think the letter Liz wrote was rude at all. The business owner's response was rude and he continues to insult her here. Wow. Some unjustified narcissism going on here.

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