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Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2011 at 12:46pm CST by 9bd9601f

Product: iDine

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I think I just set some kind of record. I may be the ONLY person to ever be kicked out of the iDine program. They just sent me a letter saying so. It is over a page long, so I can't go into all the crap it says, but here are some highlights:

It is unfortunate that the same level of dining rewards cannot be supported today that you received when you joined in... [a century ago -- they think it was 1998, but it was way before that under other names before they inherited or bought their business from TransMedia, DiningAlaCard, RewardsNet or whatever it was back then].

We recognize that our structure doesn't appeal to everyone...

We are electing to terminate your iDine membership... [because]

Item 17... (iv) you engage in behavior we deem to be abusive to us...

The "behavior" they refer to are things I said about iDine in restaurant reviews, which the restaurants and possibly customers may be able to see. In the review questionaires, they clearly want me to rate their promotions or program as a reason for my patronizing participating restaurants. But if they don't like what I might say, then why did they ask me? Is iDine really that chicken-$#!T, or what?

Pirate Paul

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8005473a, 2011-03-08, 09:59AM CST

Some people asked me what I said that PO'd iDine so much, so let me explain.

In many cases, I am eating at places before they become part of the program, or at places I didn't know were in it, so the program was little or no incentive to me. For those I knew were in the program, it had dwindling impact (as I'll explain) on my decision to patronize them, but restaurants still have to meet other criteria of my own.

The problem was when iDine started trying to screw me out of my promised benefits. They have structured a number of ways to do this. Originally, rewards were either 15% or 20%, and were repaid to your registered credit card within the next billing cycle, and there were loads of participating restaurants and bars. You could always find something you liked, wherever you went.

Now though, there are only a small handful of players (gee, I wonder why!), the rewards have shrunk, and they pay you only after rewards reach a certain level. There are minimum purchase requirements too, and a deadline (it works sort of like non roll-over cell phone minutes). Furthermore, you are required to fill-out a cumbersome survey each and every time you visit a restaurant, or else you lose that kick-back. Now how many things can you say about one restaurant, over and over again, after you've reviewed them once?

How many people are going to jump through hoops like that? Bottom line, iDine is BU11$#!T!

Pirate Paul

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