banield fayetteville nc - spay and neuter program

Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 3:43pm CST by 7cf8e4ea

Company: banield fayetteville nc

Location: fayetteville petsmart
fayetteville, US

Category: Other

my daughter brought her female dog to banfield in fay nc/ petsmart to be spayed. she got the dog spayed or so she thought.she moved a few days later into another state and the dog did not get any better. she brought her dog to a vet in her new state and they said that the dog still had an half of an uterus and the urithra was cut and the urin was collecting in the dogs stomach. slowly poisening her. the pur dog almost died an agony. when my daughter called the original vet back and demanded her maney back. there replay was that they did nothing wrong and they do not have to pay for anything.


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