total timber - stanley pmi warranty

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 5:47am CDT by 3ef0ea9c

Product: stanley flask

Company: total timber

Location: de, FR

Category: Other

contacted stanley to replace a faulty flask. emails started ok & then stopped,no reply to my last 4 emails & just seems real hard to get it sorted if you live outside the usa!


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632d54df, 2012-02-03, 06:52PM CST

My bottle will not keep my coffee hot.

After only 2 hours the coffee is no longer hot.

I have a new one and it is holding the heat fine;

The old one just sits on the shelf.

01f2425a, 2013-02-03, 07:19AM CST

I have a 1.1 quart thermos has never kept anything hot. Have tried emailing Stanley, they have not responded. Have tried calling them 4 times in 2 days,I keep getting a voice message that they are in a very important team meeting call back in 60 minutes. VERY Disappointed in the lack of response. Lifetime warranty is no good if you spend days trying to collect on a 50 dollar item. I guess they don't value my time.

2b39d143, 2013-09-09, 11:13AM CDT

Several years ago I bought a 1.1 qt. hammertone green classic vaccume bottle. I used it every day when I was working out side in the winter I could put it in a snow bank and my coffee still stayed hot for 3 to 4 hours. This was truly a good thermos. One day I went to fill up my thermos and the upper handle bracket came loose from the thermos. I used the thermos for another year or so then I decided to buy another one because by this time it started to rust from years of out door use. I bought another classic vaccume bottle. Within 3 days of use the upper handle bracket came loose from the thermos. I don't have any vaccume issues with my thermos. Wile the vaccume is good on these thermoses , the handle brackets don't seem to be put on the thermoses to well. On a old thermos I can possibly see this happening , but on one that is only 3 days old , I think not. I'm not happy The same attention should be paid to the mounting of the handle as the rest of the making of the thermos.

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