Mac's Convenience Stores - Mirza: The Rudest Cashier At Mac's

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 11:25am CDT by bd2dedf3

Product: Mirza

Company: Mac's Convenience Stores

Location: 250 Alton Towers Circle
Scarborough, On, M1V 3Z4, CA


Category: Other

It was such a cold night in the Scarborough area called Alton Towers Circle. I needed change for the bus so I could get home as quickly and as safely possible. I then went to visit this Macs convenience store that was located around that area and wanted to buy a coffee along with 2 corn dogs with my money. When I approached the Cashier by the name of Mirza, he hesitantly told me that there was no money left in the cash register and if I ever wanted change or to buy something then I had to get it somewhere else. So I reluctantly agreed with him and began to exit the store when out of nowhere my friend shows up in his car outside and told me that this cashier by the name of Mirza was very conniving and a con-artist as well. He would then tell me of how Mirza would rip his customers off and short-change them all the time when they were not careful counting their change. My friend then told me that Mirza was lying to me and that he did in fact have some money in the cash register but was too lazy to give it out. So what my friend did next in order for me to believe him was that he went inside the store and purchased a bag of chips for like a $1.50 with a $50.00 bill. I was then shocked to see that my friend was given back correct change for the $50.00 bill because he was apparently Mirzas frequent customer. I then went back inside and demanded an explanation of why I could not get change but my friend only could get it? Mirza then yelled at me and told me to get out of his store or he would throw me outside and fight me. In this case, he was instigating a fight between me and himself. I then denied his request to fight him outside and told him that I would file a complaint against his rude behaviour instead. So Mirza then replied and said go ahead and do it! He then threatened to call the cops on me but I was not scared and urged him to do it as in this case, both of us would be in trouble with the law. So then I left his store with my friend and told my friend and the rest of the customers (who were apparently outside and had witnessed the altercation between me and Mirza) that what Mirza did to me was in fact wrong and that they should be careful when dealing with Mirza in the future.

Mirza still works at that Macs convenience store which is located on 250 Alton Towers Circle, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1V 3Z4. He works the evening shifts everyday from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Mirza is about 5 feet and 11 inches tall and has a muscular body that seems to be in good physical shape and he is of Pakistani descent. He is also lightly-dark skinned and has a buzzcut hair style in which his hair is black.

Please be careful when visiting this Macs location as Mirza would try to rip you off by short-changing you and rudely responding to you and refusing to help you with your business at the store.

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8dd0ff47, 2011-04-03, 11:10PM CDT

This is regarding an incident that happened on March 28, 2011 approximately 11:30 p.m. I wrote a complaint which was directed to Mirza of store number 00298 which is located on 250 Alton Towers Circle, Scarborough Ontario, M1V 3Z4. After carefully reviewing Mac's Corporation policy of carrying change for large bills, I know realize that this was not a personal attack directed towards me from Mirza of store number 00298 which is located on 250 Alton Towers Circle, Scarborough Ontario. I regret and apologize for writing my earlier complaint directed towards Mirza. He has served me well in the past and continues to do a wonderful job for Mac's however, I do believe that Mac's should change this policy of not receiving large bills after midnight because this is a real inconvenience to myself and other customers. I am very sorry for earlier directing my complaint of Mirza of store number 00298, located on 250 Alton towers circle, Scarborough Ontario. I was very wrong and this is something that is not the problem of Mirza but of Mac's corporation.

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