Amazon/Tech Supply Center - Amazon Seller Fraud

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 8:23pm CDT by 8d10f4b6

Product: VIORE Led 22VF65D Television

Company: Amazon/Tech Supply Center

Location: 1043 Grand Ave.
St Paul, Mn, 55105, US

Category: Other

On March 6, 2011, I placed an order on Amazon to purchase a New Television that was listed as new. Upon receiving it, I noticed the stand had been partially assembled. I hooked up the television and it had a portion of the screen at the lower left that was black and some dead pixils at the bottom of the screen. I sent an e-mail to the seller using Amazons mail system requesting a new television since this one apeared to be used and was not working right. Mr Justin Hutson of Tech Supply (the seller) responded with a message that he had received the unit with some damage to the carton, and admitted that it might have been used, but said he did not have time to check out each item they sell. I requested that he replace the used television he had sold me with a new television, he then stated that they did not have another unit and I could return the unit to him and he would return my money (at that stage I started to wonder if he would or not). I again requested that he replace the television with a new unit, which he refused to do. At this time I still have a used and damaged television that they do not intend to replace! I have offered to accept a new television of equal quality from the seller, but he said he will not replace this television, and he has stated he has no obligation to do so. This was a clear case of fruad on the sellers part, ie, he sold a television that he was aware was used and not new as he listed it on Amazon. All that I want from this seller and Amazon is simply what I paid for, that is the new television that I paid for!

I will be happy to provide copies of all e-mails to and from Justin Hutson/Tech Supply, upon request.


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