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Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 1:54pm CDT by 489a1fc5

Product: Iweb.com

Company: Iweb.com

Location: CA

URL: http://www.iweb.com/

Category: Other

Iweb.com is the worst server hoster ever.

They are tpotally useless, make false promises.

Their 100% guarantee is a scam. Even when they are clearly wrong they do not even ackmowledge their mistakes. Clear instructions were given to them and they don't follow. This happened at least 3 times in the last three months.

They rebooted my servers on several occasions without letting us know. And all our serivce on production went down.

When you try to ask them to talk to management or someone that can help, all they say is sorry they are not available.

I find that SO RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL towards my business. Because of them, I a losing customers and they don't even care and say they did their job professionally. The account manager can never be reached, their technical guys just say I am sorry and that is it

HOnestly do yourself a favor, do not ever use them. This is the best lesson that can be taught...

Seriously, they are cocky, disrepectful, useless.... I guess that is because they made it. I really hope that they do get providers that shit on them like they are doing on me!!


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