Dell and ebay - ebay and Dell do Bait-And-Switch ! !

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 11:19am CDT by ec55847c

Product: Dell 22 LCD monitor for $119.99, Mdl ST2210B

Company: Dell and ebay

Location: ebay Dell

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Thank you for reading on this complaint. 25 March 2011

ebay allows Dell to do Bait and switch ! Dell advertised to have brand new 22 inches size of LCD computer monitors for $119.99 each ! ! I placed order to have one sent to a USA address using credit card since they accepted both credit cards and also PayPal according from their selling page. But after all of the long filling in of the form, a screen did come out to say that they accepted only Pay Pal for payment. While it was clearly marked on the page that they did accept both credit cards and PayPal ! !

The matter of the fact is, Dell had no intention to sell these monitors on a larger scale at that unreasonably low price, they just do promotions for the promotion sake to get their name going, so they would try to find excuses not to sell at that price as much as possible ! ! ! I see somewhere saying that Dell had sold 1,000 of these items, sure, anyone can believe that ! But not everyone can buy one out of these claimed amounts of monitors ! !

It was very hard to send complaint to ebay, they get you screwed around and around then reached a dead end. Their Contact button leads you to reading Faqs, but none of these Faqs lines matched what your complaint fits ! When you tried to click on the button that corresponded to the item intended to be reported, you get stuck at this screen, nothing moved ! Ebay now have sent you into a dead end !

I sent a complaint to ebay through Feedback to make them know that it was important to forward the complaint to the correct department, but I guess they got excuses to say that my compliant were sent into the wrong department and they ignored the matter, for, I did not receive a reply from them. All people use today are excuses to make money ! ! !

These Bait And Switch practices must be made known and be ceased from large firms like Dell and ebay ! Consumers will be fooled or cheated otherwise ! Not fair for consumers !

Love to all,

Discrimination for none,

Arndo Luncfodo.


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