work from home or part time jobs - cheater

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 3:10am CDT by 90f35e93

Product: data entry jobs

Company: work from home or part time jobs

Location: No.2, 6th B Cross, Main Road, Ags Layout, Bangalore, India
bangalore, ka, 560061, IN

Category: Other

she is the no 1 cheater

she takes money and cheats all of us without any valid recipt or agreement

she does eveyone to beleive all her works

and then after completion of work at the time of payments she will play all her gimicks and cheat everyone be carefull about this bitch


fd91d719, 2011-03-26, 01:46AM CDT

this is not true because am one of her customer and i got all my payments she is very nice, honest girl i think one of her enemy may complaint only because to spoil her reputation but they dont knw this ll nt help them nd one more thing office is already closed in jan 2011 itself nw this complaint is only to make her feel bad thats it guys ignore this falls statements but we all are with her she is not a cheater this is true

8e4b5c92, 2011-03-26, 08:58PM CDT

What this person says may or may not be true. But based on there gramar, syntax and bulgar language I am inclined think there is another more truthfull side to the story.

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