Submarina - Submarina Stamps for Free Sub not Honored; Foil Wrap Inside Paper Ignites in Microwave

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 8:39pm CDT by Alyse R S.

Product: Meatball Submarine Sandwich

Company: Submarina

Location: 8250 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92126, US

Category: Other

I had two problems with today's (March 18, 2011) visit to Submarina on Mira Mesa Blvd. in San Diego.

#1) I had a total of 3 Submarina "buy 9 and get 1 free" cards. The cards had a total of 9 stamps on them, and therefore I expected to be able to get the 9th sandwich (today's sandwich) free, but the cashier woman (possibly the owner) did not honor the offer.

The 3 cards had these stamps on them:

* 1 card - 2 stamps, both from the Mira Mesa Blvd location

* 1 card - 4 stamps from the Pacific Heights Blvd location

* 1 card - 3 stamps from the Pacific Heights Blvd location

The reason for the multiple cards was because I had kept misplacing them and asking for a new card, eventually finding all 3.

I saw that the 9 stamps meant that this upcoming sandwich would be FREE, and therefore asked for it to be free.

The woman said it can't be free for reasons that didn't make any sense to me. She mentioned 3 things, but I'm not sure which of them were her reasons because they didn't make sense to me. She mentioned that:

* She "can't combine the cards." (Submarina and other stores have always combined card stamp totals to consolidate them onto a single card, so I don't understand that reason. Also, the rules on the card do not say that all the stamps must be from the same location, so that is apparently not what she meant nor was a legitimate reason if that is what she meant. The rules state only that one stamp must be from the redeeming location, which was the case in my case.)

* "One of the stamps has to be from this location." (that criteria was, in fact, met by the 2 stamps on the Mira Mesa Blvd card, so I don't understand that reason.)

* "The Pacific Heights store is closed." (I don't know if she was simply stating this as a side comment or if this was a reason she was giving for not honoring the buy-9-get-1-free offer).

2) I ended up with a FIRE in my microwave when I came home and microwaved the sandwich. The outer wrapping was PAPER, which is safe in a microwave. Unfortunately, they had also wrapped the sandwich (a meatball sandwich) with ALUMINUM FOIL inside the paper, which I did not notice while they were wrapping it or later on. The aluminum foil ended up sparking, causing the paper to catch on fire! Luckily I managed to put it out at my sink, under the water, making for a waterlogged, burnt-up sandwich, not to mention the bad taste in my mouth from the earlier bad experience with the Submarina cashier woman.

I'd appreciate your:

* Honoring buy-9-get-1-free stamps that come into your franchises.

* Warning people that you are placing aluminum foil inside the paper and therefore to remove it when microwaving. Or, better and more sensible yet: Simply use the aluminum foil and DO NOT ADD the outer paper. The outer paper is pretty much good for nothing, anyway -- except as fuel for a fire.

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