Michael Hohl Motor Co.-Carson City,NV - New car Extended Service Contract canceled by dealer that kept the $-refund!

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 7:45am CDT by c64503a8

Product: 2006 Yukon First Extended Service Corp Warranty

Company: Michael Hohl Motor Co.-Carson City,NV

Location: 2910 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV, 89701, US

URL: http://www.michaelhohl.com/

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We needed Extended Warranty Service for the first time, on 2/21/11, on our 2006 Yukon & learned the ugly truth about the failure of Michael Hohl Motor Co. Chevrolet/GMC dealership in CARSON CITY, NV to contact us when they had canceled our extended warranty policy, without reason, 2 mos. after we bought the new car (in 2006). To date the dealership (specifically, Steve Conroy, Director of Operations & Elbert 'Tito' Paiz the original salesman/employee) have told us many pieces of conflicting information, all of which is at the least, deceptive & finger-pointing at everyone except themselves. They have not given us the refund money that was processed back to them (Michael Hohl Chevy/GMC dealer) on 5/15/06, from the extended warranty company, even though they received the refund directly from First Extended Service Corp.

Our car is a 2006; purchased 2-13-06 + the extended warranty (72mos/100K miles) purchased the same date. We didn't need warranty service until 2-21-11 & had no idea they had canceled our extended service contract.

'Lindsay' in the Service Dept. at Michael Hohl was our first contact & told us on 2/21/11 there was NO WARRANTY & to call the Ins. Co. ourselves. WOW, was she rude & unprofessional to say the least! We asked to talk to the Gen'l Mgr.,& Steve Conroy came to speak with us, without stating his job title, so we ASSUMED he was the Gen'l Mgr. He isn't; he is the Director of Operations. He said he couldn't find our warranty on the computer. Elbert 'Tito' Paiz (the original salesman & still an employee/salesman) called the Extended Warranty Co. & found out the policy was canceled on 4-15-06 & that they had sent a refund directly to Michael Hohl. Elbert 'Tito' Paiz told us the warranty policy was canceled but they didn't know who canceled it & the cancellation was involved with an "RV policy", according to him. We have NEVER owned an RV of any type nor have we been to the Michael Hohl RV Center in Carson City, NV. Sounds like an internal screw-up to us! Tito told us the refund $$$ was sent to our bank account. We knew nothing of this & we wouldn't just 'forget' about a deposit of that size! We went to our bank the next day, paid $6 to research & verified w/ bank on 2-22-11 that there was NO deposit/refund ever sent.

On Wed.,2-23-11, I called First Extended Service Corp. & verified w/ Angela that the policy had been canceled. I spoke with an "Internal Account Rep." also & at my request, he e-mailed a letter to me stating the warranty was canceled as of 4/16/06. He also stated it was "physically canceled" (his words) in their office on 5/15/06, the date the refund check was issued. We have subsequently received (via USPS) a copy of that confirmation letter from First Extended Service Corp. confirming the policy cancellation.

The cancellation of the policy was done without our knowledge. Michael Hohl Motor Co. has never, in the 5 succeeding years, informed us that they canceled it. Since they received the refund & obviously should have known there was a problem & responsibility to notify us (a "clerical error", they now state) then, why didn't THEY question the refund? At a minimum they should have made some immediate phone calls, including to us. They did nothing except keep the money, $3715.00 + the interest for the 6 yr. contract period. ($705.30).

Michael Hohl rep. Lindsay, from the Service Dept., called us after we left the dealership(2/21) & stated they wanted to fix the car seat motor issue & they would do this 'right now' if we'd bring the car in. Lindsay called us 1 more time on 2/21 to try & get us to bring the car in for the 'free' service she said would be "courtesy of Michael Hohl" or, after I said, "NO" she said we could pay the $50 deductible as if we still have the extended warranty. So, their 'free service offer' was going to cost $50 if we wanted to pretend like we still had an extended warranty!!! What makes them think we'd want to trust our car to them after the idiocy of their behavior & excuses without any acceptable resolution?

Why would we trust them when they are withholding the refund we've been due for over 5 years? Even more 'interesting' is that when my husband asked the 'assumed General Mgr.' for his business card on 2/21/11, he was told they didn't have any so, we had no way of knowing who he really spoke with. A car dealership without business cards? Really??? Do they think so little of the intelligence of the consumer?

On Thursday, 2/24 my husband went in to the dealership & again spoke with Steve Conroy (or so he thought),to ask for a copy of any paperwork that verifies they made the deposit to our bank & also to tell them what we'd learned: that the bank has NO record of any deposit/refund. Of course, there was no paperwork to be had. That was the 1st time Steve verbally admitted they had made a mistake with the cancellation of the warranty. Nothing was said about refunding the $$$. They again tried to get my husband to leave the car with them for repair that day. He said "NO", again! What part of NO don't they understand?

I have a letter from First Extended Service Corp dated 3/4/11 stating our contract was indeed canceled as of 4/16/06. Their representative stated to me in a telephone conversation that the the refund check was sent to Michael Hohl on 5/15/06. He also stated to me that they could not/would not reinstate the warranty contract since they don't do that after the car is beyond the original warranty & the contract previously canceled.

We filed a complaint with the BBB in Reno, NV. As of Wed., 3/23/11, the Michael Hohl respondent (Steve Conroy) wrote to the BBB & said the fault & responsibility for the clerical error was with First Extended Service Corp., not with Michael Hohl. Finger-pointing, they have each blamed the other! No one is 'owning' the 'error'. Steve Conroy, Director of Operations, stated that we could cancel the remainder (of a non-existent warranty?) by bringing the car in to have the mileage verified and then, we'd get a refund of the balance, whatever that is??? We're still paying for this contract in our monthly payments. At no time has Michael Hohl taken responsibility for their own errors in not contacting us and also not seeing that the original extended warranty was reinstated in 2006. They took the refunded money in 2006, kept it and they have denied any fault or responsibility except with the rude, unprofessional "Lindsay" in the Service Dept. It's not our concern about how they discipline their employees or IF they do. Their attempt to represent themselves as a'stand-up' customer service oriented business is laughable-anyone can see through the deception and the reprehensible business practices.

What did they do with our money?

How much more did they make off of it? How many other people have they scammed like this?

The buck stops with them since they received the refund check!!!!

They have yet to prove any of their statements about there having been no break/cancellation in the warranty contract effective dates or in their statement that we had received a refund of the monies after 5/15/06 primarily because they CAN'T prove it! Every statement is met with another lie and deceptive tactic.

It wasn't until we stated that it was obvious we wouldn't have an extended warranty at all, ANYWHERE else if the car were to break down outside of Carson City, that they apparently decided they had to do something to get our First Extended Service Corp. warranty re-instated??? After 5 yrs.+ of having our money they perhaps negotiated (bought?) a "new" contract/warranty for the 10 mos. remaining of our initial contract period from the same company that said they don't reinstate contracts?

We're not even close to resolution until they meet our demand of a full refund (including the interest we paid for NOTHING).

Clearly, we will not be going back to any MICHAEL HOHL owned dealership again.


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